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Your first-stop shop for physical activity and sport in London

We support the numerous organisations who provide opportunities to participate, from London's clubs, right through to Local Authorities. We pride ourselves on being the first-stop shop for physical activity and sport in London, and if we can't help you, we'll find someone who can. 

"Working in partnership, with London Sport and the sector, is the only way we can make real progress in getting Londoners more active. Together we are able to share expertise and be more effective." Richard Barker, Director of Sports, Leisure and Wellbeing, Westminster City Council. 

Our new structure

Download our staff structure here.

We have undertaken a restructure to put us in the best position to deliver upon our strategy; key to which is ensuring that we maintain our excellent local connections and partnerships. Whilst our new way of working is still being developed, we hope that all new roles will be fully up and running by April. Nevertheless, we have established the lead staff roles for two key areas - Local Areas and Sports and Activities.

Local Area contacts

For each local authority area of London, we have a Relationship Manager and a Relationship Officer. The Relationship Manager will be the main point of contact for the local authority and other strategic organisations and the Relationship Officer will play a supporting role and be the link to local delivery partners such as clubs, community organisations and schools. 

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Sports and Activities contacts

Members of our Relationship Management Team also lead on specific sports and activities and are therefore the lead for National Governing Bodies of Sport and other relevant organisations. 

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