An Active Inclusive Capital

An Active Inclusive Capital

Front Cover of An Active Inclusive Capital

An Active Inclusive Capital builds on the Blueprint for a Physically Active City to highlight the role we all have to play in supporting deaf and disabled Londoners to be as physically active as non-disabled Londoners.

Achieving these goals requires cultural change; a change which is not dictated, but shared and shaped collectively. This is an opportunity for collaboration, and an opportunity to create meaningful change for deaf and disabled Londoners.



An Active Inclusive Capital introduces four strategic priorities, and the outcomes and objectives that will lead to their success:


  1. Establish deaf and disabled people as central to the development of physical activity and sport policies, programmes and delivery
  2. Build and maintain collaboration between organisations inside and outside of sport to reach more deaf and disabled people and inspire increased levels of physical activity
  3. Ensure organisations are supported and encouraged to create and deliver inclusive activities
  4. Develop a representative, motivational and well-trained workforce.

Download An Active Inclusive Capital here

Download Easy Read version of An Active Inclusive Capital here

Download An Active Inclusive Capital One Year Progress Report here


We have also produced an Action Plan, detailing the role London Sport and its stakeholders will take to achieve the outcomes and objectives contained within An Active Inclusive Capital. To allow us to pre-empt and respond to changes in the landscape, the Action Plan is designed to be adaptable to new opportunities and insight and for the time being is there a working document.

Download An Active Inclusive Capital Action Plan here

The development of An Active Inclusive Capital was significantly influenced by the outcomes of consultation with key stakeholders and partners involved in the disability, physical activity and sport, leisure, health, education and voluntary sectors, and with London Sport staff, board members and key funders.

Plain text, screen-reader friendly and alternative format versions of An Active Inclusive Capital are available on request from London Sport. Contact or call +44 (0)203 848 4630.

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For more information on An Active Inclusive Capital and London Sport’s work to support physical activity for deaf and disabled people, contact Alex Gibbons, Disability Programme Manager,