Building a Workforce for the Future

Building a Workforce for the Future is the strategic plan of action for workforce in London.

Building on the Blueprint for a Physically Active City it focuses on the opportunity to grow and develop a body of people that can make a positive difference in the way that physical activity and sport features in Londoners’ lives.

Building a Workforce for the Future begins with a conversation with over 5,000 Londoners to ascertain the needs and challenges faced by those people that don’t regularly participate in physical activity and sport.

By drawing together an understanding of the things that work for less active Londoners, as well as the things that don’t, the plan considers the steps that could deliver a fundamental shift in how Londoners engage with physical activity and sport.

In order to set out this strategic plan of action, we worked with Morar HPI in one of the biggest research projects in the country to date, which has engaged over 5000 Londoners across every borough, age, gender and ethnic group.

This allowed us to learn more about London’s workforce involved in physical activity and sport, but also to understand how the workforce needs to evolve to make London the most physically active city in the world.

To learn more about our findings, better understand the existing workforce and find what’s its role in the Londoners’ journey into activity, watch the animation below:

At the centre of the plan are two strategic priorities:

  • A broader workforce enabling all Londoners to lead active lives
  • A workforce that better meets the physical activity needs of all Londoners

Achieving these priorities is not the work of only one organisation and Building a Workforce for the Future identifies a role for organisations and individuals from every part of the physical activity and sport sector – and beyond.

The development of Building a Workforce for the Future is underpinned by extensive research and consultation with key partners and stakeholders from across London and nationally.

We are grateful to all partners involved in supporting the development of this plan, particularly Sport England and the Greater London Authority.

Download Building a Workforce for the Future here