Nordic Flyers

#WeAreNotSpectators - sport supporting Londoners in lockdown

From walking across London to living rooms across London 

Daniela Boyce is a Nordic Walking instructor.

Using the Nordic Walking technique, she helps clients improve their cardiovascular health, and take on challenges to push them further.

Running sessions across a variety of North London locations, she offers sessions to introduce people to the benefits of Nordic Walking, improve their technique or to just join in with a gentle, social walk to improve mobility. 

The Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown made exercise classes impossible to run, so Daniela pivoted to online sessions including:

  • Exercises with music,
  • Dance routines, and
  • Chair exercise sessions all delivered by Zoom

Clients were able to stay fit – even in some cases to improve their fitness – whilst still maintaining the crucial social contact to carry them through the new socially distanced reality. 

“I’ve really found it amazing that we’ve managed to stay connected” Daniela Boyce, Nordic Flyers