How to market to people like Joy

About Joy

Joy is 65. She used to work mornings as a receptionist in the local GP surgery, but recently retired. Her husband was offered a generous longservice redundancy payment to take early retirement last year.

She has two grandkids – aged three and five, and looks after them four days a week.

She’s got a mild heart condition, but takes tablets to manage that, so it’s not much of a problem day to day. She manages to do about 30 or so minutes of activity per week.

Joy is white and lives in outer London in a leafy suburban area.


Joy relates most strongly to marketing that shows these values – conservative, balanced, established, informative, practical, sensible, reliable, financially prudent and high quality.Brands such as Hobbs, Sainsbury’s, Boots and Honda show these values, thus these are ones Joy likes and buys.

One challenge for Joy is childcare logistics for the grandkids – that’s a big part of her day now.

Joy doesn’t really like to commit to too many things, and prefers to be flexible in what she’s going to do with the rest of the day.

She’s got a decreasing circle of family and friends – as people move away, or she’s even had a few good friends pass away.

She does sometimes find the retirement cabin fever setting in – she’s at home a lot looking after the grandkids, and she misses the sociable element of work.

Objections to becoming more active
Joy not as fit as she used to be. When she was younger she would go swimming and running regularly, but that’s 20 years ago now. She does still occasionally go swimming at the local pool, but that’s only once every couple of weeks for half an hour.

On the other hand – she thinks that walking groups are just for “old people”, and might be too easy for her.

Goals and motivations

Joy would like to tap into her local community, and feel more of a sense of belonging. Now that she’s not working at the doctor’s surgery she needs a way of doing that.

She’d like to spend more time with friends and family. Try new things

She’s got concerns about her long term mental health and mobility, and in her words “It’s about not being immobile and not going gaga too soon!” She’d also like to ease  he problems from her heart condition.


There are certain triggers that lead Joy to have a “teachable moment” when she is more ready to make a change. The fact that she retired recently means that she’s still trying to figure out how best to manage her time. This is a good opportunity to tap into. Becoming a grandparent, and wanting to play with them is another one.


Key messages

Based on the insight into Joy, and what messages have worked in the past – these are the messages which we think are going to be effective.

  •  The group is welcoming and friendly
    • Get active and meet new people. Join us for gentle, friendly, weekly walks. They’re in a small group with other people looking to get active again, led by a trained leader.
  • Expand your social circle
    • The group stays for tea and a laugh afterwards. We’d love you to join us.
  • We’ll help you to get started
    • If you’re looking to get back into activity then come and join our walking group. It’s a gentle pace, and is the perfect way to get started.
  • You’ll have more energy
    • Come and join us for gentle, friendly, weekly walks. You’ll get fitter and healthier and meet new people. All groups are led by a trained leader. We stay for tea and a laugh afterwards. We look forward to seeing you.
  • Walking will improve your health, and help you feel better
    • 10 minutes of walking a day keeps the doctor away. Walking is a great way to strengthen your heart, bones and boost your energy.
  • Walking as exercise
    • On your own or in a group, walking is one of the best activities for your health. And it’s Free!
  • Healthy bones and body
    • An hours walking a week actually strengthens your bones, gives you more energy and makes you fitter
  • Spend time outdoors
    • Why not make the most of the nice weather this spring. Join us for an hours walk around the local area.
  • Stay active to enjoy the things that matter
    • “I like to stay active so I’m up to spending time with the grandkids” What’s your reason for staying active.

As well as key messages, it is vital that you use appropriate imagery that relates to your target audience. For example use images similar to Angela to appeal top this audience.

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