For local Government

We work to address key priorities in every London borough

Working with local Government is a central strand of the organisation’s support for physical activity and sport in the capital.

Through tailored partnership programmes with each of London’s 33 Local Authorities reinforced by locally-focussed insight and research, London Sport work to address key priorities in every London borough to support the Blueprint for a Physically Active City.

With advisory support ranging from guidance on funding and facilities investment to partnership opportunities, workforce training and development, insight workshops and pan-London advocacy, our Relationship Management team works to ensure regional expertise is met with market leading support services.

Local Contacts

Each member of our Relationship Management team has wide-ranging expertise of specific parts of London’s physical activity landscape, ensuring that the right partners are aligned in goals and outcomes across the capital. Working closely with specialists across London Sport, our Relationship Management team are the first port of call for all efforts to support physical activity and sport in local areas across the capital.

To find the right contact for your Local Authority area, click here.

Funding and Service Offering

Most funding opportunities are promoted through the London Sport Funding Search Tool. For more information or specialist advice on the support available to local Government representatives, contact the Relationship Manager responsible for your Local Authority area.

Borough Physical Activity and Sport Profiles

London Sport’s Insight Team prepares annual profiles outlining trends and data affecting participation in physical activity and sport at local levels. Updated annually, the full range of Borough Physical Activity and Sport Profiles, and a full London-wide Physical Activity and Sport Profile, are available from the London Sport Insight and Data Portal.