Local government physical activity strategy development

Our Consultancy Services help you make better decisions with our cutting-edge expertise on insight, funding and technology. Find out more about how we helped Royal Borough of Kingston-upon-Thames to create a new framework strategy for physical activity and sport.

Sector: Local government
Date undertaken: January to April 2017
Consultancy area: Insight
Partner: Royal Borough of Kingston-upon-Thames 

A London Local Authority seeking to build an evidence-led strategy for physical activity and sport commissioned London Sport to facilitate the development of a new framework for physical activity and sport in line with emerging regional priorities.

The Challenge

• To create a compelling case for physical activity’s role in meeting integrated public health and leisure outcomes
• To interpret Local Authority needs and priorities within a new framework for local physical activity and sport
• Support the development of a new steering group to coordinate delivery of the new framework

London Sport Support
• Built evidence-base to support Local Authority stakeholders to make the case for physical activity and sport
• Combined stakeholder consultation with data analysis to identify action priority areas
• Developed action plan and provided ownership to framework steering group

Outcomes of London Sport Consultancy
• New framework and strategy adopted with alignment to national and regional strategies, and with coordinated delivery across multiple internal departments
• Built evidence base to support continued investment and funding into health, physical activity and sport
• New steering group formed and acting against clear objectives aimed at improving health and reducing inactivity

“London Sport provided excellent knowledge of all the factors affecting physical activity and sport behaviours and trends across the borough, presenting back to us an actionable working framework to improve health and reduce inactivity through the implementation of a targeted approach.”

Sue Gregory-Johnson, Sport & Leisure Commissioner, Royal Borough of Kingston-upon-Thames 

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