About You, To You, For You | A poem written and performed by Doc Brown

Working with the talented Doc Brown to create a film that inspires all Londoners to get active

About You, To You, For You | A poem written and performed by Doc Brown

by Jemima Jones

London comes together in a poem written and performed by Doc Brown. Celebrating London's spirit and diversity, the film showcases the drive towards become the most physically active city in the world.

A River runs through it
The scrapers they point to the sky as a limit? Break through it
And we endorse none but ourselves when we're saying just do it
I'll prove it
We're bringing
The culture the spirit the city we live in
From millionaires down the ones with the humble beginnings
We're winning
And moving
We’re constantly growing and moving and showing and proving
Despite all the traffic delaying we know what we’re doing
No losing
The drivers to bring on a gridlock coz bredin you’re biking
The light go from amber to green and you’re already flying
Call it freecycling
Stay active
Just one of our talents that really don’t need any practice
Get outta bed with a hop skip and jump from the mattress
The city is waiting outside and the ride of your life could be right round 
The corner 
Happiness waiting there for ya
Stop at the roses and leisurely have a sniff
Run the river from Tower to Hammersmith
We gone from a dirty old town to one of the best in the world
Go get your trainers or skates n watch eight n a half million stories unfurl
Let’s get a million of you on your feet by the time we reach two thousand twenty
And if this gets one of you on your feet now then for now to me that’s more than plenty 
Maybe you’ll tell friend
To go tell a friend
That we’re taking the streets this is LDN
The global setter of trends
The one most diverse in the ends
Where the talk of the town? Is quite sonic
And the whole skyline? Is iconic
Back in 2012
We laid a blueprint
You can take yourself as far as you think
Take a hundred percent, never take zero
You can go from unsung to a straight hero
From grassroots we form like troops, true warriors
Happier healthier, more prosperous
Get your blood pumpin like the Thames through London
Let’s activate, show the world where we come from 

Written and performed by Doc Brown