Case Study: Chesterfield School in Enfield

Find out how Chesterfield School used their Primary Premium Funding to make PE part of their everyday lives

Case Study: Chesterfield School in Enfield

by IMG_5909.JPG Patrick Atkin

Levels of obesity in Enfield have been of increasing concern as figures within the borough exceed both the London and national averages. Chesterfield school however, has seen vast improvements in the delivery of their PE programme. After utilising their Primary Premium funding to improve the execution of sessions and opportunities for extracurricular sports clubs, the children now have more opportunities to participate in sport and represent the school in a range of competitions. 

Providing equipment so that every class is fully equiped

Using a combination of the Leader of Learning Programme, support and training by the Enfield PE team and whole school training days, the school has successfully been able to reassure their staff over concerns with teaching PE. 

Having recognised a concern towards a lack of resources, more essential equipment is now available ensuring that all classes are fully equipped. In addition, a greater variety of equipment has been supplied.

Staff now have access to new modules and schemes of work written by the Enfield PE Team, allowing them to monitor and plan for progression. A member of staff commented: 

‘They are so easy to use, everything from vocabulary to success criteria is included.’ 

By redesigning the outdoor space and playground, the children are now able to get active not only in PE lessons, but at numerous times throughout the day.

Relations with outside clubs have been improved by hiring external agencies to deliver new clubs and engage more pupil participation. Furthermore two Change4life clubs have been set up and in light of their success, another will be created in the new academic year.

Developing new camps for school sporting talents

All year groups take part in a sports day during their Sainsbury’s Sports Week, where they experience the value of participation and teamwork in sport, as well as focus on competition. In-school competitions were introduced with a specific focus on sports in which the staff felt the children would most benefit. For example, their year 2 classes had a multi-skills festival to develop and improve their basic skills.

Being part of the Enfield PE team allowed the school to enter more competitions which has thus permitted opportunities for more children to participate in sport. The number of B and C teams have increased and the school has made conscious efforts to attend special educational needs events.

Sports ambassadors provided a chance for young people to lead and direct sports in the school and enabled the school to collect students’ feedback on what sports they are more interested in. 

Chesterfield School has developed their support for gifted and talented students. Those who are identified throughout the year as gifted and talented in their field are invited to take part in the annual ‘Sports Camp’. This is two days off timetable for them to train in a professional stadium and compete against other schools in the Bowes Learning Alliance Federation. The students can also learn about health and nutrition’s role in sport during the camp. As a result of all these changes, PE has now become part of daily life at Chesterfield School.

Quotes from children involved 

I am thankful to Laura Tollerton and Debi Milwood for helping me achieve my medal at district sports” (Shona, Year 6)

I love sports at school. I like that we get to try out so many things and I’m excited about being invited to sports camp this year” (Leshaun, Year 6)

I asked for basketball after school and they got it. I’m going to a basketball competition next week too” (Mark, Year 5)

Improving attitudes towards sport

With all of the above changes now in place, children have a different attitude towards sport. Children enjoy the challenge and enjoy seeing their talents recognised, appearing more motivated to take part in sport.

The school staff are now witnessing the change in PE lessons and feel it is benefiting all children, there is a new positive attitude towards PE in the school. The school is also now identifying one member of staff per year group to regularly train with the PE team and then provide feedback to their colleagues to ensure their skills are constantly refreshed.                               

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