How can your club access the latest resources?

The new ClubWorks newsletter will provide clubs in London with all the latest information on workshops, funding, coaching tips and much more

How can your club access the latest resources?

ClubWorks is a programme, managed by London Sport and funded by the Mayor of London. It is designed to help support clubs and organisations develop in the capital, getting 1,000,000 Londoners more active by 2020.

Next Thursday, clubs around the capital will receive the refreshed and updated ClubWorks newsletter from the ClubWorks Team at London Sport. Replacing the old version, the new newsletter is a part of the new support system that the ClubWorks Team are offering clubs across London.  

To sign up to the new ClubWorks newsletter, click here.

Signing up to the new ClubWorks newsletter will guarantee fortnightly updates on topics such as available funding, Club Matters, links to free training workshops, coach education, (first-aid and safeguarding courses) case studies and many other useful opportunities.

The ClubWorks programme is not just for sports clubs so if you’re a community group and providing physical activity and sport in the capital or considering the prospect of it, go ahead and sign up to receive valuable information on how to help your club. 

Those who are signed up to the current ClubWorks newsletter will need to re-sign up to recieve the new newsletter.

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Paul Farthing, Relationship Officer at London Sport, commented on the new newsletter saying: "It's the easiest way for clubs and organisations to stay up to date with the latest information, training and funding opportunities sent straight to their inbox.”

To sign up to the new and improved ClubWorks newsletter, click here.

ClubWorks is aimed at community clubs and organisations, youth clubs, as well as traditional sports clubs, delivering in a London Borough. The work of the ClubWorks programme simply wouldn't be possible without the support of the Mayor of London. The support they provide allows us to help clubs and organisations to develop coaches and volunteers, attract new members and help secure funding for the future.