School Sport Providers Website - Coming Soon

London Sport is always looking for new innovative ways to help Londoners become more active. Our new project, The School Sport Providers Website is an online portal to bring school sport providers together into one central database

School Sport Providers Website - Coming Soon

Over the last two years we have developed a range of digital platforms to help get more Londoners more active.

Our Insight and Data Portal was launched in April 2016 to help organisations and clubs understand the gaps in physical activity and sport in their community. Our Funding Search Tool was released back in October to act as a host for all the funding available in London. We are now excited to share with you our plans to launch the School Sport Providers Website.

To support schools across the capital, we are currently developing our School Sport Providers website, an online portal which will bring school sport providers together into one central database. The aim of the website is to make it easier for teachers and schools to find the best way to spend their Primary PE and Sport Premium to meet the needs of their students. Teachers often struggle to find high quality providers of services to meet their PE and Sport needs, to solve this problem our site will enable providers to showcase their products and services, while teachers can easily search through them.

The Primary PE and Sport Premium is an allocation of funding given to all schools across the country based on the number of pupils in years 1 to 6 at their school. They must use the funding to make additional and sustainable improvements to the quality of PE and sport they offer.

The site will launch in September and is free to join for both suppliers who would like to advertise their services and teachers who would like to browse their options.

As a supplier, you will be able to list all the products and services that you offer to schools and in the areas of London you operate. Along with more detailed information including staff information, policy information and the ability to monitor communications with potential customers. If you are interested in your service being listed on the website, please fill in the form here.

As a teacher, the site will allow you to filter all product and service providers to meet your location needs, pupil priorities and access reviews from previous provider users.

If you are interested in finding out more, please email

Are you a supplier and want to be part of the School Sport Providers Website? Register as a supplier here.