Active 60

Active 60 is a flagship London Sport project which focuses on creating transformational change to enable every young Londoner to achieve the nationally recommended level of 60 active minutes every day.

The Active 60 Project

The Active 60 focuses on young people who are less likely to be active and enables more young people to have a positive experience of sport and physical activity.

It is helping young people to live active lives that is critical to creating a happier, healthier and more prosperous London.

There are four inter-related themes that will enable us to deliver this outcome. These themes are all connected and will each support each other.

Our four themes:

Active 60 Updates

OPPORTUNITY: London Sport has created a new pilot online workshop to help primary teachers who are co-ordinators for health education in the curriculum. The workshop will help co-ordinators support their fellow teachers teach the new curriculum.

The free, 90-minute online workshop takes place on Thursday 1 July.

BLOG: For Mental Health Awareness Week London Sport spoke to five community physical activity and sport organisations that focus on children and young people’s mental health as well as their activity levels. 

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INSIGHT: Covid-19 has caused a sharp decline in the amount of activity and exercise done by children and young people in London, according to new data released today (14 January) by Sport England. Read more here.

BLOG: Specialist Advisor for Children and Young People, Gary Palmer, looks at the work being done to reduce the slide in children’s activity levels and our plans for the next 12 months to reverse this concerning trend. Read his blog.

BLOG: Specialist Advisor for Children and Young People Gary Palmer looks at how broadening access to school’s sport facilities could be a vital piece to the puzzle of re-activating our children following the period of lockdown due to the covid-19 outbreak. Read more.

BLOG: Children and Young People Project Officer Bethaney Hall looks at the task facing the physical activity and sport sector in trying to keep children and young people active whilst schools are closed and the resources available to help parents. Read her blog here.

INSIGHT: The number of inactive children in London has fallen significantly in the last academic year according to Sport England’s second annual Active Lives Children and Young People Survey released today. See the latest results.

Resources and Learnings

During the 2019/20 academic year, London Sport supported four organisations to introduce their products to primary schools in London to see how effective they were at integrating activity into the everyday life of a primary school.

Marathon Kids
Gym Run
Active Movement
PE And School Sport Premium
School Sport Suppliers

With a vast range of organisations offering physical activity and sport services to London’s schools it can be time consuming for teachers to be able to use their funding in the best way.

We’ve made this easier by creating the first ever School Sport Suppliers Hub, where anyone can search for suppliers in just a few clicks. To visit the Hub click here

More information and contact details:

For more information on our Active 60 project, please contact Specialist Advisor for Children and Young People Gary on gary.palmer@londonsport.org.