Local Provision

Expanding and improving access to community sport

Broaden community access to school facilities

We want more schools across London to broaden community access to their school facilities outside of school hours to help more communities to be active every day.

We want to make it easier for schools to provide access and work with schools and local authorities to work together to provide access to activities that meet the needs of their local community.

Sport England have produced a series of resources that can help schools in opening their facilities to the community and keeping them open. These resources provide tried and tested solutions, real life practice, tips from people making it happen, and a range of downloadable documents.

To visit ‘Use Our School’ click here

Broaden access to places where young people can be active

The Urban Sport project, funded by John Lyons Charity, inspires young Londoners to be active in urban spaces.

To do this:

  • We Collaborate with anyone passionate about getting young people more active.
  • We Demonstrate how urban spaces can be used for physical activity.
  • We Co-create fun, sustainable, physical activities with young people.
  • We Facilitate activities to continue with training and equipment.

If you are interested in working with us to create new opportunities to get young people moving in urban spaces contact our Community Relationship Officer – Urban Sport here.

Empowering young Londoners to volunteer in sport

London Sport works towards empowering young people across London by helping recruit, train, and deploy volunteer leaders and coaches aged 16-25 to help deliver School Games Competitions.

From traditional NGB training to media training to event planning, volunteers can be trained or upskilled in anything that helps deliver the School Games within their borough or across London.

For more information on how we’re empowering young people in London, particularly with regards to voluntary work, please contact our Senior Project Officer Megan.