Funding bids

Top tips for writing a funding bid

Applying for funding takes commitment, time and expertise

It’s important to put together the best application you’re able to, with the resources you have, to get the best chance of success. Our team has a wealth of experience with writing funding bids and providing funding support to our partners. We’ve taken the most common queries we receive about funding bids to provide some guidance to help you deliver the best funding bid possible.

Writing a funding bid – top tips

How do you make sure that your application stands out from the competition? How do you make sure that the time spent writing bids is fruitful and well spent? By asking yourself these questions before you begin preparing your funding bid, you’ll be better prepared before you start.

  • Do you have data and insight to support your bid? Our Insight and Data Portal can provide the information to support your bid
  • Can the project you’re seeking funding for be delivered? Are you sure that what you are saying you’ll do, can actually be delivered within your current work?
  • Will this bid win? Do you meet the funder’s criteria and will your proposal stand out from others?
  • Is it financially feasible? Can you do all that needs to be done with the funds that you’re bidding for?
  • Are you communicating your organisation as capable and credible, with clear and measurable aims?
  • Have you reviewed your bid from the funder’s perspective? Your bid’s outcomes need to be in line with the funder’s. Review your bid as if you were the funder to make sure you have a good case.

Search for funding

Finding the right funding for your work can be difficult, that’s why we’ve made it as easy as possible for you to search for funding on our Funding Search Tool.


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