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About Us

Let's Move London.

London Sport is a charity that exists to help all Londoners live longer, healthier, and happier lives through being active.  

Our focus is on children and adults in the most deprived communities who face the greatest challenges of inequality.


With physical inactivity responsible for 1 in 6 premature deaths, we want to help every Londoner find their way to move more. 


We are supported by Sport England and the Mayor of London, and collaborate with London’s local authorities and other organisations, to provide better access to sport and physical activity across the capital.  

Our Values


We are generous with our knowledge and skills. We want to do things with people rather than to them.


London is constantly evolving. We understand that our approaches to tackling inactivity and inequalities must evolve too.


Our mission is clear and we are focused on the areas where we can have the greatest impact.


We radiate an energy that is infectious and encourages our partners to embark upon this work with us.