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Case Studies draft 1

We want to share inspiring stories of individuals and communities who have been empowered to engage in physical activity and sport. Our work has enabled a wide range of initiatives, from creating accessible outdoor spaces to providing equipment and coaching for underrepresented groups.

These case studies showcase the transformational power that sport and physical activity can have on communities across the capital. 

We were delighted to welcome Olympic Champion Max Whitlock to Colville Primary School to raise awareness of inactivity among London children. With less than half of young Londoners achieving the recommended levels of physical activity, and with 1 in 12 doing no activity at all, it’s vital that we can help more schools provide sport and other activities for their pupils.

       “For a child to go in, have fun and keep active is a huge thing.”                                                         

                                                               – Max Whitlock

The Together Fund supports local women in Westminster to break barriers through African dance at Chelsea Theatre.

By empowering local women through traditional African dance and more, we are breaking down barriers to physical and mental well-being.

“I find the sessions exhilarating, when I leave the classes I feel like a new person.”

                                            – Carmen, Participant

Supported by London Sport through the Tackling Inequalities Fund, Carney’s Community is providing long-term support and empathy to disadvantaged young people.

Along with boxing fitness sessions, they offer mentoring, youth work, business development, and a sense of community for young people. 

“Everyone’s always in a good mood and trying to encourge each other to do their best. That’s the people I want to be around.”

                                                                – Blaine

London Sport Awards 2021 winners Charlton Community Athletic Trust provides football and other physical activities on their community pitch to young participants, with free sole-use slots for clinically vulnerable children.

They also delivered a free Summer Activity Programme for 570 disadvantaged children, offering physical activity, nutritious food and active learning.

“He’s grown a lot more confident in himself and interacting with other people, especially adults and other children who have the same disability as he does.”

                                            – Zachary, Father of Participant

Supported by London Sport through the Tackling Inequalities Fund Barking Mosque provides boxing, archery and circuit classes to keep their local community active. 

One group they focus on is Muslim women, who traditionally haven’t had the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of mainstream physical activity.

“Physical activity is so welcoming because it just allows me to maintain that energy levels and my mental wellbeing.”

                                                                – Christina

London Sport Awards 2021 winners Wapping Youth FC is an award-winning grassroots football team, aiming to teach young Londoners the value of physical activity and community spirit through the beautiful game. 

Wapping allows its participants to learn about community leadership and even progress to coaching at the club.

“This club has really helped me progress. So this definitely boosted my confidence a lot more in other terms.”

                                                                            – Faaris

Supported by London Sport through the Tackling Inequalities Fund Burgess Sport provides vulnerable young Londoners access to Sport as well as other key elements to developing healthy habits for life. 

Their Fit and Fed programme distributed meals to their participants, so that they could be properly fuelled to learn, play and enjoy the activities on offer.  


“It’s helped me to get more confident in school and a lot of other things as well.”

                                                                              – Abdul

Supported by London Sport, Core Sport has worked with over 800 adults who have specific mental health needs, using physical activity and sport to aid recovery. 

The success of this approach to healthcare is evidenced by there being no hospital re-admissions of patients who partook in Core Sport since 2015. 

“I’ve hugely benefitted from attending Core Sports physically, confidence-wise, my self esteem. I think it’s something that should be a staple in a community.”

                                                                                         – Andre

London Sport Awards winners Open Age runs dance classes and other activities to keep those over 50 physically active together. 

The mental impact of physical activity has incredible benefits on the older participants, keeping challenging them and reducing isolation.


“It keeps you healthy, but more than anything, it keeps your mind active and in working order. It is good for everything.” 

                                                                         – Tish

Supported by London Sport through the Tackling Inequalities Fund, The Single Homeless Project uses sport and physical activity as a tool to aid the social integration of its participants. 

Through physical activity either in group settings or 1-to-1 sessions, participants are given the chance to recover socially, mentally and physically from their experiences being homeless.

“It’s good to get out to different areas, and meet new people. It’s better than being on the streets!”

                                                                       – David

London Sport Awards 2021 finalist Warren King is a volunteer at Fulham Reach Boat Club and is dedicating his time to leading circuit sessions and bringing people together.

As an ex-prisoner, being part of a rowing club community transformed Warren’s life and helped him to believe in himself.

“It transformed my life, the way I look at myself, I view myself and what I could do in this world for others.” 

                                                                         – Warren

Caxton Youth Organisation, supported by London Sport through Together Fund, runs programmes to help young people with disabilities engage in physical activity.

Caxton Youth encourages collective initiatives with community organisations to ensure its members are not marginalised and can feel like confident members of society.


One of those communities that’s trying to be a good example a youth club and wants to make London a better place.” 

                                                                         – Antonio