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The Impact of Elite Sport Award

The Impact of Elite Sport Award celebrates the major events, clubs, teams, organisations or individuals that use elite sport’s reach and influence to inspire people to increase their levels of physical activity.

The Impact of Elite Sport Award recognises those that are using major events, high-profile and/or elite players, competitions and clubs to change Londoners’ lives.

This may be the work of individual athletes/players, foundations, community activation for a major event, or a project that inspires through world-class sport; nominations will highlight how elite sport creates positive and lasting change.

This Award celebrates London’s rich history of hosting the world’s greatest sporting talent whether that’s a one-off event or project, or from an organisation whose work builds on the impact of regular elite sport in the capital.

The 2020 shortlist is:

West Ham United

West Ham United’s Players’ Project community programme focuses on using the power of elite sport and personal storytelling to improve economic impact, social integration, help people overcome barriers and motivate, educate, and inspire.

Chelsea Champions

A project that offers schools the opportunity to work exclusively with the Chelsea Foundation, providing a full-time Project Officer to deliver a unique programme which aims to build capacity and coping mechanisms in young people, all tailored to the individual needs of the school.

Richmond Rugby Club

The Richmond Rugby Community Department engages with local schools, colleges and community initiatives using rugby coaching facilitated by current male and female elite players to help provide real benefit to a range of communities.

Let’s take a look back at the 2019 shortlist…

Nomination Criteria

Nominees should demonstrate some or all of the following:

  • Evidence of the positive influence of elite sport on people’s lives in local communities, whether through increased participation, community empowerment or other impacts.
  • A link between an elite sport event, club, athlete, league or organising body and activity that reaches across a range of Londoners and communities.
  • An understanding of the reach and engagement achieved through the project, initiative or group’s work.
  • The nomination must detail activities/projects/initiatives that have taken place throughout the 2019 calendar year. The work may be on-going.