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Together Fund – Surveys for organisations

This page is for organisations who are running projects as part of London Sport’s Together Fund.  As part of the fund, there is a requirement to monitor and evaluate impact of the great work that is being done throughout London’s communities. The surveys will be used to improve the fund in the future, to collect learnings and feedback impact to Sport England.

When approaching the end of the funded project, all funded organisations will be required to:

  • Fill in a survey on behalf of their organisation
  • Share participant surveys with their participants.

Organisation Survey

This survey will be sent through UpShot at the end of the programme. A notification will pop-up on UpShot when you are due to take this survey. This survey will take around 15 minutes. If you would prefer to take this survey verbally as a phone call or on Teams, please email [email protected], who will book in 20-30 minutes with yourself or someone from your organisation.

Participants Survey

There are three different surveys available for your participants based on age and capability. We will leave this to the organisation’s discretion, as to which survey is relevant for participants.

  • An adult version
  • A child and young person version for those 17 and below
  • An Easy Read version for anyone who may struggle using the other versions, which includes simpler language and emojis to help describe questions and answers. 

To make it easier for you to give your participants the survey, there are three ways to send/give the surveys to your participants:

  • You can email the link to them directly (they will be taken to a link on SurveyMonkey). These links are available on UpShot under ‘Guides’.
  • We have a Word document version that can be downloaded and printed and sent in to us (FAO: Pippa Nicholas, London Sport, House of Sport, 190 Great Dover Street, London, SE1 4YB.)
  • There is a QR code that you can show the participants, which they can scan on their phones and do the surveys straightaway.

The surveys can be found here:

AdultLink, QR code, word document

Child and young personlink, QR code, word document

Easy Readlink, QR code, word document

If you have any questions at all, please email [email protected].