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Active London: tackling inactivity differently

Active London: tackling inactivity differently

On 28 September at the KIA Oval we had our Active London event, bringing together hundreds of stakeholders from across physical activity, public health, transport, policy, environment and education to tackle the inactivity crisis head on.

Take a look back here at some of the highlights here.


Bringing new ways of thinking

At London Sport, we know that to truly decrease the levels of inactivity in London, we must work together with people across lots of different industries so that we can bring new ways of thinking, to find different ways of tackling some really big challenges that we have within the city. Here’s just a few of the key takeaways from the day.

Brokering relations is a crucial part of our work at London Sport, enabling us to work together with a range of different industries to tackle London’s inactivity.

Networking opportunities like that at our Active London event are really important for us to bring new ideas to the table, as well as showcasing some of the great success our partners have had so far.

We look forward to continuing these conversations further.

Lorna Leach, Strategic Relationship Manager, London Sport

With thanks to all our keynote and discussion group speakers, as well as those who joined us as exhibitors


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