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15 August 2018 by Chris Scott

Health, Workforce and Older-Adult focused start-ups lead second cohort of Sport Tech Hub

London Sport to nurture 11 start-ups and early-stage tech companies through six-month dedicated physical activity incubator programme Tech start-ups working to support active ageing, workplace wellbeing and active travel are among 11 companies selected to join the second cohort of Sport Tech Hub, the London Sport-managed technology incubator dedicated to enhancing the use of SportTech

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8 August 2018 by Becca Mihill

Provision of training and support on sport and physical activity for the Social Prescribing sector

  We are seeking an individual/company that can work with us to create and deliver training and support on sport and physical activity. As part of a pilot project we are investigating if we can impact upon a non-sporting workforce, and we now wish to craft a bespoke training programme to support the staff and

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8 August 2018 by Gary Palmer

Case Study: Active Movement – Reducing inactivity in London’s schools

With 80% of children aged 5-15 still failing to meet Public Health England’s guidance on minimum activity levels, the persistent drive to get children into PE and sport has been unsuccessful. For the majority disinterested in sport, who lack competitiveness or have little physical prowess, intense activity will always be demotivating or discomforting. In addition,

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1 August 2018 by Chris Scott

London: Sporting capital of the world

To the public at large, thoughts of sport in London will often drift to a summer, six years ago, when the city played host to the world’s biggest celebration of sport. The memories of 2012 still resonate strongly in Londoners’ perceptions of sport, and the goodwill generated by the Games shows no obvious signs of

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3 August 2018 by Becca Mihill

One Million Stories – Brian Tunney

Brian Tunney, a full-time carer from Dagenham, has lived in London all of his life, and has spent the last several years suffering from alcoholism. Back in January 2017 he decided to turn his life around. Brain made several attempts to tackle his addiction, however it wasn’t until his enrolment in Addaction; one of the

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