2017/18 Active Lives Children and Young People Data

In 2017, following on from the Active Lives Adult Survey, Sport England began gathering data on how Children and Young People engage with sport and physical activity across the country.

Using the data from 2017/18, London Sport has prepared a dashboard (below) to present the behaviours of children and young people across the capital in relation to their engagement in sport and physical activity.

This dashboard shows the levels of physical activity of children and young people in each local authority and presents comparisons to the national and London averages.

Where possible, London Sport has presented data for each local authority with regards to:

  • Levels of physical activity of primary and secondary school students
  • Levels of physical activity at school compared to outside of school
  • Levels of physical activity done indoors compared to outdoors

To download a PDF copy of this dashboard, select the ‘download’ button at the bottom of the dashboard. Select the ‘PDF’ option and change the paper size to A4. Your PDF should now be ready to download.