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ClubWorks Case Study – Hear Women

ClubWorks Case Study – Hear Women

What is this project?

Hear Women regularly works with governments, communities, businesses, academics and other NGOs to change the lives of women in a positive and powerful ways. The majority of Hear Women’s London-based work is centred around the Edgeware Road area of Westminster, providing a safe space for Middle Eastern and North African women to meet and discuss issues related to physical and mental health and well-being. The ClubWorks project has allowed them embed physical activity into our sessions and offer a weekly Zumba class for women living locally.

What did the project look to achieve?

  • To improve women’s’ health & wellbeing
  • To advocate against gender based violence
  • To create more opportunities for women to be active
  • To enable women to be in charge of their livelihoods
  • For women to start networking and reduce isolation

What has this project achieved?

The sessions have been very good with over 10 women regularly involved. They all liked the instructor very much and we are hoping to be able to attract more women in coming days and weeks” – Deqa Salad, CEO Hear Women

“Active Mothers Club encouraged me to start Zumba instructor training and I want to start my own Zumba business”Olivia, participant

“Volunteering for this project enabled me to meet new people. I learned about different type of exercises, I made new friends and now I am excited that we will be meeting after Ramadan to start our walks at the Park”Nicmo, volunteer

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