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Case studies

4 July 2018 by Kieran Connolly

ClubWorks Case Study – Ms Rose Blossom Fly Girls

Catching up with Ms Rose Blossom’s Fly Girls project Ms Rose Blossom’s Fly Girls project aims to improve the physical and mental wellbeing of girls and women in Brent, in particular targeting older

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4 July 2018 by Andrei Angelescu

Case study: Using evidenced based interventions to reduce levels of inactivity in London schools

At a time when young people’s physical activity levels are at a depressingly low level and childhood obesity continues to rise, there has never been a better time to hear

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31 May 2018 by Jolyon Whaymand

ClubWorks Case Study – Hear Women

What is this project? Hear Women regularly works with governments, communities, businesses, academics and other NGOs to change the lives of women in a positive and powerful ways. The majority

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30 May 2018 by Kieran Connolly

ClubWorks Case Study – BIGKID Foundation

BIGKID Foundation was founded in 2000 by Shaninga Marasha as a mentoring programme at his school. Since then, the organisation developed and set a strategic mission: to equip young people

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9 May 2018 by Kieran Connolly

ClubWorks Case Study – African & Caribbean Heritage Association

ClubWorks is a programme managed by London Sport and funded by the Mayor of London. It is designed to help support clubs and organisations develop in the capital, getting 1,000,000

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