Coaching, volunteering and workforce

Developing a workforce that enables Londoners to lead active lives

A bigger, better workforce for sport in London

As London’s population grows more diverse and the ways that people choose to be active change, the workforce that delivers sport needs to be ready to reflect the needs and desires of its consumers.

We help to set strategic direction for the physical activity and sport sector on developing a bigger and better workforce to support efforts to get more Londoners into regular physical activity. We also provide training, development and learning opportunities for coaches and volunteers looking to improve their skills, and advice, support and guidance to the sector on how to effectively recruit, develop and mobilise their workforce.

In order to build a bigger and better workforce for sport in London we carried out one of the biggest research projects in the country to date, trying to understand how the workforce can get more Londoners to participate in physical activity and sport. We captured the most research process and the results in a 5-minute animation that can help anybody better understand the physical activity and sport workforce in London and how they engage with the Londoners.

Based on the research, we’ve set up a strategic plan of action for workforce in London. ‘Build a Workforce for the Future’ focusses on the opportunity to grow and develop a body of people that can make a positive difference in the way that physical activity and sport features in Londoners’ lives.

Download ‘Building a Workforce for the Future’ here

Funding opportunities

We occasionally provide funding opportunities targeting workforce development in London.

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Thought leadership

We speak at many events, conferences and industry round tables on the future of London’s sport workforce throughout the year, as well as producing thought leadership articles to provide advice and challenges to the sector. For information on our thought leadership work visit our blog.