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London Sport & Gympass

London Sport and Gympass have embarked on a partnership which will see the fitness provider support London Sport’s ambitious mission of making London the most physically active city in the World.

The London Sport/Gympass Partnership

Gympass are proud to back London Sport’s #WeAreNot Spectators pledge to champion grassroots sports across the capital. Throughout the partnership, we’ll be aligning our mission of making London the Most Active City in the World and Gympass’s aim to offer to promote a healthy and productive work environment. 

Gympass sponsored The Health and Wellbeing Award at December’s London Sport Awards at the Guildhall with Harlequins Foundation, Open Age and Social Action for Health all shortlisted for their use of physical activity to promote physical and mental wellbeing.

Gympass were also the sponsors of our Active London conference which, for the second time, was a digital event taking place across two days in September.

Additionally, Gympass will be hosting events at House of Sport to raise awareness and highlight the importance of having a healthy, engaged and productive workforce. 

Companies worldwide rely on Gympass’ unmatched variety, convenience, and flexibility to support their employees’ health and happiness through their partnerships with wellbeing providers.

"We’re delighted to have Gympass back our We Are Not Spectators pledge and together raise the awareness of workplace health and its vital role to making London an active city."

Gympass partnership updates

Open Age announced as winner of the Health and Wellbeing Award, in association with Gympass, at the London Sport Awards.

Gympass announce their backing of the Health and Wellbeing Award at the London Sport Awards

Shortlisted nominees, Harlequins Foundation, Open Age and Social Action for Health announced as shortlisted nominees.

Two weeks to go to Active London 2021: Gympass to support day 2 of the online conference 

Day 2 of Active London 2021, supported by Gympass, sees over 600 delegates attend 

Gympass pledge support to London Sport’s We Are Not Spectators Campaign 

Gympass x London Sport Awards

The London Sport Awards, supported by the City of London Corporationrecognised and celebrated the efforts of volunteers, physical activity projects and sports organisations who have helped so many people in the capital, not just with their physical health but their mental and social wellbeing too.

The Health and Wellbeing Award, sponsored by Gympass, highlighted the achievements of those who used physical activity to promote physical and mental health and wellbeing, emphasising how being physically active plays in supporting health outcomes.

About Gympass

Gympass offers access to over 43,000 gyms worldwide, allowing Londoner’s to be active however they want, wherever they are. Gympass members can access a Wellness Coach to help users improve their health and well-being by paying an affordable monthly fee. Wellness Coaches will guide you through healthy eating habits and help you find the physical activity right for you. 

Private users and companies can both use Gympass. The app is complete, inclusive, results-driven and easy to implement. Via their Human Resources portal, employers can check employee usage, plans enrolled and make changes according to the workforce’s needs. 

More information and contact details:

For more information about our partnership with Gympass, or about any other commercial opportunities that are available with London Sport, please contact our Director of Commercial, Marketing & Communications, Tanya