Active London

Active London is the largest annual conference dedicated wholly to the future of physical activity and sport in the nation's capital.

This year’s Active London conference took place digitally on Tuesday 21 and Wednesday 22 of September and saw a stellar line-up of inspirational speakers, panel discussions and interactive workshops.

They explored how the pandemic has brought out the best in countless people and organisations across the sector, with many embracing new and innovative approaches to ensure Londoners remain active.

The two-day digital event explored a series of themes that built on the remarkable work that has taken place across London and the ways the sector can embrace change, reconnect and rebuild for the better.

Thought leaders, decision makers, policymakers, and professional and community organisations from across the sector came together to be part of the conversation to shape the future of sport and physical activity in London.

Catch-up on Active London 2021:

Unlocking opportunities for all in London's covid-19 recovery

Explore how innovation and creativity enables Londoners disproportionately affected by covid-19 to lead active lives and how physical activity must form part of the London Recovery Plan as we delve into the scale and long-term nature of the recovery efforts.

Active travel for you, the environment and your community

Walking is the capital's most common mode of transport and the Mayor's vision is for cycling to become an integral cog in the transport network. However, there are inequalities even in this seemingly accessible route into activity and lessons to learn if we're to increase rates of active travel amongst under-represented communities.

Nothing about them without them

The things people want changed in their area are often not within their power. Historically, those in power change policy, infrastructure and services for a community rather than with it. We needs those local people who are best-placed to know what they have, what they need and what must change to reduce inequalities.

Flying at the speed of trust: Community engagement leads to greatest impact

Organisations from health, environment and technology have embedded community engagement throughout their processes, planning and delivery. Discuss your work with experienced professionals who have built engagement into their workdays and that of the agencies, institutions and systems they influence.

Younger Londoners in focus: Improving mental wellbeing through activity

Covid-19 continues to have a massive impact on young people’s mental health. Isolation and significantly reduced social interaction have had detrimentals effect on their mental and physical wellbeing. Hear the advice of those working specifically to improve mental health among our young people whilst also raising activity levels.

Go where the people are: Promoting activity opportunities in non-traditional spaces

Don't wait for them to come to you. Take your activity or sport to the people. Discover how London is looking to use empty retail outlets to connect with less active people and under-represented groups and promote opportunities to be active to them.

Re-connecting Londoners with their leisure facilities

Join industry experts to discuss the key considerations for the future of public sector leisure centres and how they can be sustainable and relevant. See the latest insight that is shaping the offer from leisure centres and their methods for effectively re-engaging users including the role of consultation and co-design.

The social influence: Using digital to inspire less active Londoners to take action

Learn how digital channels can help you drive behaviour change among less active people in sport and physical activity. Discover where the pandemic turbo-charged the use of digital across all age groups, how organisations use social media to inspire their target audience to take action and how you can put these lessons into practice

Using social prescribing to create 'Thriving Communities' 

Demystifying social prescribing and identifying the benefits, opportunities and challenges for physical activity and sport with realistic, practical steps for progress. Find out about the 'Thriving Communities' programme and how physical activity and sport can play a role through the wider voluntary sector and community health and social care.

Thank you to our 2021 sponsors:

Active London 2020

Active London 2020 took place online for the first time and welcomed over 400 attendees and 90 guest speakers from across the physical activity & sport sector. The event allowed us to discuss the significant impacts that covid-19 has on people and communities, but we were also reminded that the inequalities preventing people from getting active existed before covid-19 and, if not addressed, will continue to exist afterwards too.

All of our content from Active London 2020 is available on our YouTube page, available via the button below.

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