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Helping sport to access more resources

Supporting the physical activity and sport sector in London to find funding and use it in the best way, plays a vital part in supporting efforts to get 1,000,000 Londoners more active by 2020. That’s why we offer a range of services to support partners and individuals to secure new funding. Perhaps you’re looking to fund a new project, raise funds from your local community or need help with writing a funding bid? Our team are here to help.

Search for funding

Use our free online tool to search for the latest funding available for physical activity and sport in London.

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Help with funding bids

Funding bids are often complicated, long and can be difficult to write. Funding bids that are well written and have supporting information, such as local insight, are often the ones that are successful. We can help you with understanding funding bids and what you need to do, to put together the best bid you can. To explore how we can support your funding bids, visit our Funding bids page.

Looking for funding for individuals?

Are you looking for funding for an individual, or for yourself? Use our Funding Search Tool to guide you through what funding is available for your specific needs. Or you can download our individual funding guide below. This guide explains what individual funding is available (such as bursaries towards a coaching qualification), where you can find it, and advice when applying for funding for individuals.

Funding guide for individuals

From idea to funding application

We have created a useful guide to help you develop an initial idea to the point where potential funders are being asked to invest in it, such as considering the feasibility of your concept, building an evidence base and finding funding.

From idea to funding application

The Do’s and Don’ts when writing a funding application

This guide provides a set of do’s and don’ts when completing the final stage in the grant fundraising process which is writing the application. The document starts with general do’s and don’ts, and then is divided by typical sections of a physical activity and sport application form.

The Do’s and Don’ts when writing a funding application

Developing a strong evidence base to support your funding application

When writing an application to a public, lottery or trust funder an applicant will always be required to prove the need and that the concept is right to address that need. A good way to start to consider your options is thinking about the type of evidence and the scale of evidence. We’ve created a short guide explaining these types of evidence, how to build evidence to support your concept, including how to build localised evidence, and where to find it.

Developing a strong evidence base to support your funding application

Applying for facilities funding

Any organisation that is providing, or wants to provide, community facilities for physical activity and sport could gain funding for the development of those facilities, whether that be something entirely new or a refurbishment. Applying for facilities funding can be a complex area so we’ve tried to help you by creating a short guide to get you started including practical and technical recommendations.

Applying for facilities funding

Securing sponsorship
Those delivering physical activity and sport who are in need of funding often overlook sponsorship as an opportunity to gain funding. Yet, increasingly organisations are finding success in diversifying fundraising to include corporate funding, and sponsorship can be a great way of securing regular funding over a longer period. Our simple guide offers some useful support if you are considering securing sponsorship.

Securing Sponsorship

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