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Judging Week for the London Sport Awards

Judging Week for the London Sport Awards

Judgement day is fast approaching for the London Sport Awards with our ten judges set to convene at Twickenham Stadium on Thursday to pick the final shortlists and winners.

Each of our eight Awards categories will have three shortlisted entries from the 300+ nominations that were submitted prior to the deadline just a few weeks ago.

The lucky 24 entries which get selected for shortlisting by our experienced and knowledgeable judges will receive two complimentary tickets to the Awards ceremony, including pitchside VIP drinks, on March 14.

Ahead of Thursday’s judging day, we caught up with Arfan Akram, Alice Wilcock, Neville Graham and Susie Rodgers to get their thoughts on the Awards and the decisions facing them this week.

What is it about the London Sport Awards that first caught your eye?

Arfan Akram: Sport has no limits and has the power to inspire. Having been involved in sport, and a resident, in London my whole life I am very passionate about the role sport in the London plays and ensuring that the inspirational people have a platform.

Alice Wilcock: Above all else, the London Sport Awards – across eight categories – gives due recognition to the brilliant work being done throughout the city.

Neville Graham: There are so many great individuals and organisations working to create opportunities for people to get involved with or stay involved with physical activity. I think those people should be recognised for that work and encouraged to continue.

Why did you want to be a judge for the London Sport Awards?

AW: As a judge, I look forward to unearthing the people and projects that are harnessing the power of sport to achieve the Mayor’s ambition of making London the most active and socially-integrated city in the world. 

I am excited to discover initiatives that highlight how sport can bring people together to create strong communities and cherished relationships. I am confident we will do so. 

Susie Rodgers: Having been involved the past two years in judging the Awards, I love reading about all the amazing volunteering and initiatives in physical activity and sport across the city. It is a great way to celebrate the importance of sport in connecting people.  

NG: It’s a great shop window for all the great things people do, the Awards help to spread the word of what’s available in London which will help connect more people to their activities. This shop window also inspires others to do the same which creates a snowball effect with people encouraging others to get/stay active.

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