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London Active Movement

London Active Movement

Sport cannot be the only solution to increasing activity. Any effective strategy must be empathetic to the young people we want to inspire and affect every child in the city. We must pioneer new approaches with like-minded schools capable and willing to implement them.

London Sport has partnered with Active Movement, an innovative programme aiming to reduce young people’s excessive sitting times. The concept integrates non-sedentary behaviour and low-level activity into everyday school routine and is initially being delivered into 5 London Primary schools over the next 12 months. The first 2 schools that have been selected for this programme are:

  • Queensbridge Schools, Hackney
  • Sir Francis Drake School, Lewisham

The programme’s unique approach to activity is founded on four key principles:

  1. Every child can participate irrespective of age, gender, economic status, ethnic background or physical ability
  2. Neither current teaching methods nor lesson time are in any way compromised
  3. There is no change in class organisation, lesson curriculum, school layout; no need for equipment, space, coaches or allocation of facilities; nor any additional bureaucracy, form-filling or individual evaluation
  4. It is not a short-term exercise regimen, but a behaviour change initiative that will define the school and a child’s health for a lifetime

Gary Palmer, London Sport Specialist Advisor for Children and Young People said:
‘We are really excited to be launching London Active Movement as a way of getting young people moving more every day.  A recent report commissioned by the All-Parliamentary Group on a Fit and Healthy Childhood identified the desperate need to tackle inactivity amongst our children and I believe that London Active Movement will be a first step in addressing this very real challenge’

Dr. Mike Loosemore MBE, Active Movement, MBBS PhD FFSEM(UK) added:
“Active Movement creatively integrates low-level activity into daily routine. No treadmills, trainers or tracksuits – just an ongoing programme accessible to all. This unique concept was designed to educate, inspire and protect the well-being of children of all ages today – and for a lifetime.”

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