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One Million Stories – Mfa Zaman

One Million Stories – Mfa Zaman

Mfa has an incredibly inspiring and unique story of his journey through physical activity and how being active has helped motivate him to help others, read below –


How do you fit physical activity and sport around your day-to-day duties?

We know Health is Wealth. So in my daily life I always try to keep myself physically active. I have never been to the gym but I have done the London Marathon and many half marathons. I play cricket, tennis and like to use the environment around me to keep myself active & healthy.

In my daily routine I go out for runs early in the morning or late in the evening because it is coolest time with the freshest air. I also do cycling which is great exercise for my body, it keeps all of my muscles active. I am always conscious about my food, I eat fish, vegetable and drink lots of water and milk. I always keep my food habit simple with natural resource, I believe simplicity is best way to keep healthy.

How is London a unique place for you to exercise?

London is always an ideal place to keep myself active. There are beautiful parks, lakes and I feel really relaxed around these environments. London has a beautiful side where we can all enjoy our daily exercise, you just need to look for it. Every day I run in a park which has a beautiful view and really helps refresh my mind.

“London is always unique place to exercise, we just we need to take that step out of the front door and do it.“

What are your motivation and/or struggles to being physically active?

Life is full of challenges every day I have faced many obstacles but my theme is “Prove The Change”.

Once upon a time I was a victim of crime and abused and spent time on the road during winter nights. At one point, every single step was a challenge because I started with an empty hand. But I believed that, given a chance, I could make a real change. I was not born to fail but be successful. I now spend a lot of hours doing volunteer work and I need to be physically strong to carry out this work. I believe that “I Can Because I Know How To Win.”

Why is physical activity essential to your identity?

Our body is like an engine. If you don’t start the engine in a long time; the engine will have problems. Once the engine is on; the whole system will run. So physical activity keeps my engine moving on full speed. It helps keep my mind active and motivates me to face more challenges. For good health we need an active body and to keep body active; we must be physically active.

What was your journey through physical activity and sport, what got you to where you are now?

I have a dream in my life to do something positive which will inspire people. I always have good intention and ethics. Nothing is impossible if you try with your heart & soul. I ran in London Marathon to help disabled kids because it brought a change in their life.

British Olympic Gold medallist Daley Thompson CBE, David Hemery CBE, Cricket Legend Sir Gary Sobers, Sir Vivian Richards OBE, Russell Brand and many more high profile individuals helped me to promote my run and cause. I also participated in The Great Big Walk 2017 where I walked 616 miles from Yorkshire to London while I was fasting 16 hours each day in Ramadan (the ninth month of the Muslim year, during which strict fasting is observed from dawn to sunset). During my 21 days walk I visited many place and met with people from different backgrounds. My work really inspired and motivated them to do more good work. I was invited by BBC’s One Show, ITV 4, BBC Yorkshire and many more to share my journey.

Day and night I give my time to make a change. I run my own project “I Am With You” to help the homeless in the UK. I walk during winter nights from one place to another to provide food, warm clothes for homeless people. My project news covered by BBC and other media. Also I have received thanks latter from British Prime Minister, Mayor of London. I have been awarded & nominated for an award for my service in British society.

So, I would say that I started from nothing but now I have done something which motivated and inspired many people in the United Kingdom. My efforts and achievements would inspire those who want to change the life with a positive vibe. If I am not physically active then I would never been achieved this success. One day I would achieve my target which would prove that I have made a positive change in this beautiful world where we live with peace, love harmony.

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