Social Return On Investment

For every £1.00 invested in sport and physical activity in London, £1.48 worth of social value is generated for individuals and society.

That was the major finding from a London Sport-commissioned report which uses a Social Return on Investment (SROI) methodology to look at the real-world impacts of increasing Londoners’ physical activity levels.

This research builds on this innovative work to measure for the first time the SROI of sport and physical activity in Greater London and the quantifiable impacts on London as a city.

In providing clear evidence of the benefits of physical activity and sport, our intention is to strengthen the case for future commitments to increasing participation across the capital.

Other key findings include:

  • Based on 2015/16 participation levels, it is estimated that in London the following cases were averted: 36,160 cases of coronary heart disease and stroke, 16,696 cases of Type 2 diabetes, 413 cases of breast cancer, 194 cases of colon cancer and 67,583 fewer people experiencing clinical depression.
  • At an individual level, sports participation creates average improvements to subjective wellbeing equivalent to a value of £1,161. For the sports volunteer this subjective wellbeing improvement is the equivalent of £2,428
  • Engagement in physical activity and sport was estimated to prevent 3,164 criminal instances among London males aged 10-24 years. The unit cost saving for each crime averted is estimated at £3,168.

Exploring outcomes – case studies:

Core Sport / Core Arts

Adrian Klemens, Dynamic Sports Academy

Wendy, Dao Lu

Double Jab Boxing Club