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Understanding Less Active Londoners

Enriching our understanding of less active Londoners to target and tackle inactivity

London Sport’s less active adult segmentation

To tackle the stubborn levels of inactivity in the capital, the need to understand less active people active has never been greater.

Recognising that the population of less active people is large but also diverse, London Sport commissioned a major research segmentation, solely focussing on less active Londoners: those doing less than 150 minutes of physical activity per week.

Our fundamental aim was to develop a stronger sense of instinct, empathy and understanding, to help focus efforts and connect more effectively, to benefit their long-term health and wellbeing.

A holistic view of less active Londoners – our seven segments

Through our research, we have identified seven distinct less active segments – from ‘Elderly Evaders’, our most disengaged and least active segment group, all the way through to ‘Almost Actives’ – those on the verge of meeting guidelines.

There are simply far more important things that this group prefer to do at the latter stages of life than exercise. They know it is important but it is no longer urgent and they can’t do what they used to but would if told to do so by GP/Doctor.

Many of this segment are in financial difficulty; single parent families, unemployed, stressful situations resulting in unhealthy behaviours and unhealthy attitudes as they feel alone & without support. There is also a lot of reported disability.

This predominantly elderly and less affluent group are very limited in the amount and type of activity they are able to do due to physical & mental limitations. They see being active as a positive thing but they are frustrated they can not participate.

Many students with rising debt and responsibility, this audience have a lot of pressures on their shoulders: social pressure,
financial pressure, body image and their mobile phones are both a blessing and a curse in all areas.

Busy juggling life / family / meetings / housework etc into a day, this segment are more time poor than cash poor.

This group has a yo-yoing but positive relationship with health & fitness they believe they are already doing enough. Working and often with children having a work/life balance is crucial and therefore activity can be in fits and starts

A busy segment this audience fit lots into their lives from socialising, work and some physical activity they feel they ha ve
the right balance across everything

Find out more:

All key materials are available via our Insight Portal where you can gain access to presentations and webinar recordings to help introduce yourself and your team to the project

  • The first webinar recording and presentation highlights the research background together with the segment profiles developed through our qualitative and quantitative research.
  • The second webinar recording and presentation highlights key intervention and targeting opportunities including an update on our steering group, in-house mapping and tool insight consultancy hub services
  • Should you be interested to identify the segments and apply our learnings through further research our golden segment identifier questions are further available.

For general segmentation research related enquiries please contact [email protected]

To discuss opportunities to develop your approach to planning and communications development please contact [email protected]