Developing a workforce that enables Londoners to lead active lives


London Sport is working to create a broader and better sport and physical activity workforce for London.

In the context of sport and physical activity, the workforce is everyone who supports the delivery of physical activity. This can range from some who volunteers to make refreshments for a sports club to someone who is employed as a full-time coach, thus earning a living.

To make London the most active city in the world, we must support those who are less active to become more active by supporting the workforce to facilitate behaviour change.

Our work over the next two years (2019-2021) will attempt to shape elements of the workforce so that they are better placed to understand and support those less active Londoners.

Training support for Social Prescribers and Link Workers

Supporting those who work or volunteer inside the sports/leisure sector to better understand and support the less active Londoner

London Sport, in conjunction with the University of Kent has created a training workshop for social prescribers and link workers so that they can advocate physical activity more effectively with their clients.

The course aims to increase the skills and confidence of those working in this aspect of healthcar and, with the help of Sport England, this one-day course is available free for any social prescriber or link worker programme in the London Region, for a limited period.

For more information on course content and to arrange a workshops, contact David Reader or call 07572 094425.

UPDATE: While the covid-19 situation continues, we have taken the decision to suspend delivery of the course. However, we are hoping to resume in some format in September 2020.

As an interim measure we have produced a short webinar which is free to view. It deals with how to advocate physical activity while the covid-19 situation continues.

Workforce Planning at Borough Level – Increased Funding Available

A motivated and competent workforce is crucial for helping Londoners be active and since 2019 we have been supporting local authorities to facilitate the creation of sport and physical activity workforce plan for their area.

Having recently reflected on our approach, we have made some changes to the support on offer.

We remain committed to the creation of workforce plans for boroughs across London and we will still support any borough that wishes to see this happen.

However, we are now enhancing the amount a local authority can apply for to facilitate this, or use to deliver an aspect of their plan, up to £10,000 (previously this was £1,000).

We hope this enhanced level of support will help some boroughs deliver against their workforce plan or stimulate some boroughs to create a new plan.

As the amount now on offer is much higher we consequently can only support a limited number of boroughs with funding. We expect we will be able to fund up to five boroughs between July 2020 and March 2021.

For further information contact or download the form.

Sport and Physical Activity Workforce Network

London Sport understands the importance of the sport and physical activity workforce for getting Londoners back to being active following the covid-19 lockdown.

We’ve been busy trying to find ways to support the workforce more and how we can support their role in the delivery of sport and physical activity.

So, we’ll be creating a new Sport and Physical Activity Workforce Network which will support all those who manage, organise or rely on a workforce to deliver their sport and physical activity.

The Network will deliver insight and advice and provide a platform for discussion and debate – read more about our plans here.

Meet the Team

David Reader is our Specialist Advisor for Workforce with extensive strategic and operational experience gained with not-for-profit organisations within the field of sport management.

David is a graduate of Birkbeck, University of London with an MSc in Sport Management and, prior to London Sport worked as Head of Development with Archery GB.

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