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Introduction: Building Good Websites

Introduction: Building Good Websites

Your website is more than a window into your organisation – it’s a tool for identity, service delivery, and organisational growth (and even a tool for income generation if you choose it!). However, most importantly it’s a place for your target audience or users to get information that is relevant for them about sport and physical activity. We’ve created this guide to take you through the process of building good websites.

  • Activity providers such as sports and community clubs or personal trainers 
  • People working in leisure or health facilities 
  • Local authority leisure, sport development or public health leads 
  • Digital and tech companies that provide activity programmes 

In this guide we’ll share more about the process you should go through to ensure you design and build a suitable website, both for your organisation and your users, as well as covering important content you should include and common website mistakes we see. We’ll cover:

  1. How to plan for a new websites
  2. The importance of crafting a compelling story to build trust in your organisation and brand
  3. Top tips and common website problems, including website accessibility best practice
  4. Website testing and iteration

Planning a website Online presence: sharing your story Why website accessibility matters Testing your website with users Building Good Websites

Click on the topic areas below to work your way through the learning resources and content on building good websites.

1. Planing a website

2. Online presence: sharing your story

3. Why website accessibility matters

4. Testing your website with users

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