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Open Sessions

Open Sessions is London Sport’s free-to-use digital product making it easy for activity providers to publish open data compliant activity information and promote their sessions to new people.

With over 1,700 sessions, many taking place every week, and more than 700 sessions advertised as free of charge, Open Sessions is one of the largest publishers of OpenActive data nationwide.

What is Open Sessions?

Open Sessions is the only free tool enabling sport and physical activity providers (clubs, sports facilities and other providers) to publish their activity information and become open data compliant.

By using Open Sessions it enables providers to publish their activity information in a standardised format, which can then be fed into websites and apps that show available activities. These websites and apps include the likes of Get Active – people can input their postcode, search and book activities taking place near them.

Open Sessions is the ‘behind the scenes’ platform that feeds activity data into websites and apps like Get Active. Clubs, sports facilities and other providers can input their data into Open Sessions, which is the only free of charge open data publishing tool, and means that their sessions appear on Get Active and are made available to Londoners who are looking for ways to be active.

What is open data and OpenActive?

Open data is data that is available for anyone to access, use, and share. OpenActive is the open data standard for the sport and physical activity sector.

We know that a lack of access to high-quality open data in the sport and physical activity sector is a barrier to getting people active, and OpenActive helps to address this. OpenActive helps to tackle the problem of inactivity by helping sport and physical activity providers publish standardised open data on physical activity making it easier for people to find and book these opportunities online.

Are you an activity provider interested in publishing your session information and becoming OpenActive compliant?

Open Sessions aims to make the process of publishing your session details as straightforward as possible. Without tools like Open Sessions, there would be significantly fewer published activities on websites and apps like Get Active, making it more challenging for people to discover and participate in physical activity opportunities nearby. 

You can start publishing your activities free of charge by clicking the button below!

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Interested in finding out more?

We've created a Knowledge Hub dedicated to equipping organisations with the digital & tech skills, understanding and knowledge required to get Londoners more active. 

To find out more information about OpenActive, Open Sessions and how you can become open data compliant, please click here to check out the resources we’ve created.

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