Good Investments: Social Value of Sport in London

Good Investments: Physical Activity, Sport and Social Value in London

Our vision carries with it a deeper purpose that goes further than simply helping to support more active Londoners.

We believe in a London that is home to happier, healthier and more prosperous people, and where physical activity contributes to the city’s fullest potential. Good Investments: Physical Activity, Sport and Social Value contains new research that, for the first time, quantifies the social value of sport in London. It also looks to the future to forecast the increased impact of getting 1,000,000 more people active in the capital.

This research uses a Social Return on Investment model to understand the real-world impacts of increasing physical activity in London.

Conducted by Sheffield Hallam Sport Industry Research Centre and commissioned by London Sport, the report shows how sport impacts people’s lives and the return on investment enjoyed by London.

Among the impacts measured are evidence of almost £0.5bn annual cost savings through preventative health and more than £5bn associated with improved subjective mental wellbeing among participants and volunteers in sport. Critically, the model suggests that every £1.00 invested in physical activity and sport in London creates £1.48 of social value.

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