Developing a workforce that enables Londoners to lead active lives

Working to create a broader and better sport and physical activity workforce for London.

In 2016 we commissioned one of the biggest ever pieces of research in to the sport and physical activity workforce in London. The findings from this helped us create our current strategy – Building a Workforce for the Future – for workforce development.

What do we mean by the workforce?

In the context of sport and physical activity, the workforce includes all those that support the delivery of physical activity. This can range from some who volunteers to make refreshments for a sports club to someone who is employed as a full-time coach, thus earning a living.

As an organisation our mission, as set out in our Blueprint for a Physically Active City,  is to make London the most active city in the world and to do this we must support those who are less active to become more active.

This requires a workforce to facilitate people to change their behaviour so that they become more active.

Our work over the next two years (2019-2021) will attempt to shape elements of the workforce so that they are better placed to understand and support those less active Londoners.

Social Prescribing

Supporting non-traditional sport and physical activity workforce so that they become more skilled and confident about sport and physical activity

We have piloted a new training resource for Social Prescribers in London so that, by the end of it, they will feel more confident and skilled at supporting their end user to become more physically active.

The pilot ran in Kensington and Chelsea, Bexley and Islington and an executive summary on the content and impact of the pilot can be found here – for a copy of the full report contact David.

Over the next two years we will be rolling out  the training across London.

If you oversee a Social Prescribing programme and would like to benefit from this training, please get in touch. London Sport has funding to support the delivery of this.

Alternatively, if you oversee another workforce which is not Social Prescribing, but nevertheless comes into inactive Londoners please get in touch here.

Training support

Supporting those who work or volunteer inside the sports/leisure sector to better understand and support the less active Londoner

Our research has told us that those working inside the traditional sport and physical activity sector do not always hold the right skills to support those Londoners who are less or inactive. We would like to support those who are working or volunteering in this sector.

In the coming year (2019/20) we will be developing a series of training modules which will be tailored to support those who are already part of the sport and physical activity workforce.

They will focus on gaining a better understanding of how to get inactive people active and how to support them to remain active.

If you oversee a workforce who could benefit from this training or would like a discussion on the topic please get in touch.

Better strategic workforce planning

Over the coming two years (2019-2021) we would like to facilitate better workforce planning at London Borough level.

Sport and physical activity relies on a functional workforce and to achieve this there is a need for reflection and planning so that priorities can be defined and communicated.

If you are responsible for workforce strategy development at a Borough level and would like to take advantage of further support to help you conduct or implement aspects of workforce planning please let us know.

Contact us

If your focus is to create a better and broader London sport and physical activity workforce and you would like to discuss or explore with us any aspect of our work.

Contact our Specialist Advisor for Workforce – David Reader.