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Celebrate Grassroots Sport at the 2018 London Sport Awards

Celebrate Grassroots Sport at the 2018 London Sport Awards

The London Sport Awards is back – and it’s better than ever, with a new date and new Award categories designed to celebrate the incredible work that makes up the best of grassroots physical activity and sport across the capital.

Every day, throughout London, physical activity and sport are changing people’s lives. At sport clubs and stadia, in gyms, schools, parks, and GP surgeries, on our streets, and in our homes, new efforts to supporting people to be more physically active are helping us to live healthier, happier and better-connected lives.

From teachers, coaches and volunteers to administrators, policy-makers and technology developers, Londoners from every borough and every background are making real differences to people’s lives. The London Sport Awards is our opportunity to celebrate these successes, share in their impact, and bring grassroots physical activity and sport to the forefront of the capital’s thinking.

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New Award Categories (and some returning favourites)

We are delighted to introduce a range of new Award categories to this year’s London Sport Awards, allowing us to celebrate a broader array of partners and their role in supporting Londoners to become more physically active.

The London Together Award
In a city of nine million people, sport can have a major and profound impact.

Every day, across the city, people are given new opportunities and building new connections through taking part in sport. Meanwhile, London itself benefits from being better connected, better integrated and a home to more people enjoying the benefits of being physically active.

The London Together Award celebrates projects that have the greatest successes in building bridges between different groups and communities of Londoners. We welcome nominations from any project that meets the nominations criteria, and are particularly looking to understand how sport or physical activity has played a role in bringing people together and developing connections between Londoners of diverse backgrounds and circumstances.

The Children and Young People Award
Children and Young People are London’s future. Enabling them to enjoy the benefits of physical activity and sport from a young age is vital to growing the future health of the capital.

The Children and Young People Award recognises the outstanding work of individuals and organisations that help to enable more young people to build physically active lifestyles in London. Whether in school or outside of curriculum, this Award celebrates those initiatives that are having the greatest impact on supporting young people to enjoy the benefits of sport in London.

The Physical Activity for Health Award
The role of physical activity and sport in promoting positive health and wellbeing is increasingly well-understood, both in terms of physical health and wider outcomes.

The Physical Activity for Health Award is focused on projects, programmes, campaigns or initiatives that help to raise awareness and enhance the impact of physical activity on promoting good health among London’s population. Whether targeted physiological health, mental wellbeing, health management or any of the wider outcomes supported by physical activity and sport.

The Workforce Award
Supporting people to lead physically active lives is a role that falls to many groups and individuals. Both the traditional sport industry and other sectors have an important role to play in enabling people to find, access and remain engaged with physical activity and sport in their daily lives.

The Workforce Award celebrates groups, organisations and initiatives that help more people to champion, advocate for and support people to lead physically active lives through a workforce that understands the needs of Londoners of every background.

The Technology for Participation Award
London is at the heart of technology in Europe. As one of the world’s most forward-thinking cities, London is home to an incredible range of technical innovations and new ideas.

Technology has become a part of our everyday lives, and this Award focuses on those groups and individuals who have used technology to help get more people, more active, more of the time. From app developers to coaches, team managers and funders, more and more of us are using technology to give sport a head start. The Technology for Participation Award will celebrate those that have brought new thinking to sport and given more people a chance to be active across the capital.

We’re also delighted to continue some of the most hotly-contested Award categories from previous years.

Club of the Year

Being active provides people with an incredible array of benefits and positive opportunities. From improved health and mental wellbeing to opportunities for personal and community development, sport has a vital role to play in supporting people’s and societies’ future growth.

The Club of the Year Award exists to shine a spotlight on those clubs and grassroots projects that are contributing to Government and Sport England’s five primary outcomes for sport. The Club of the Year will deliver a great service to its users, but more than that, will go the extra mile to give the most benefit back to people and to London itself.

Volunteer of the Year
Volunteers are the lifeblood of grassroots sport. For so many people, regular activity simply wouldn’t be possible without the work of volunteers – the army of coaches, administrators, officials, fundraisers and supporters that mobilises every single week across the capital.

Our only individual Award at the London Sport Awards, Volunteer of the Year celebrates those people that support grassroots sport with their knowledge, passion and skills, giving their time freely for the benefit of tens of thousands of people in every Borough and at every corner of the capital.

The Harnessing the Power of Elite Sport Award
Elite Sport is an integral part of London’s cultural fabric. Despite the passage of time, the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games continue to resonate with Londoners of every age and background, while every week a cast of thousands of elite athletes compete in every corner of the capital, in every conceivable sport.

The Harnessing the Power of Elite Sport Awards celebrates the positive impact of elite sport, and its role in promoting participation in physical activity and sport, or success of elite sport events in providing development to communities across the capital.

Previous winners of the Harnessing the Power of Elite Sport Award include British Lionhearts in the Community, and the Rugby World Cup and Partners.


Nominations are now closed. Best of luck to all those who entered.

Tickets On Sale!

Tickets for the 2018 London Sport Awards are on sale here, with the ceremony on 8 March at Wembley. 

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