14 September 2018 by Mieke Stones

What are we doing to support our employees’ physical activity and mental health?

New research by our partners Westfield Health suggests that more than 80% of working adults in the UK believe companies could do more to support the physical and mental wellbeing of employers. With workplace-related stress, illnesses and mental health issues becoming a bigger concern than ever, is it time for employers to be doing more?

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6 September 2018 by Barry Kelly

World Health Organisation (WHO) research highlights important role of health in the agenda for Active London

This week the World Health Organisation (WHO) published a study which found that more than a billion adults around the world are at risk of serious disease through lack of physical activity. The study was based on self-reported activity levels at work, home and during travel and leisure time. It found that more than a

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5 September 2018 by Alex Gibbons

One Year of An Active Inclusive Capital

It is now a year since the launch of An Active Inclusive Capital: A Strategic Plan of Action for Disability in London. I was proud to be a part of that launch, marking London Sport’s commitment to working towards a point where deaf and disabled people from all backgrounds are as active as non-disabled people, as

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31 August 2018 by Katie Light

Volunteering and the Future of Community Sport

On the 2nd August 2018, I sat alone in the airport awaiting my flight up to Glasgow, ready to embark on my next volunteering adventure; the European Championships. I had been lucky enough to have been selected for the Commonwealth Games back in 2014, working in athletics, with memories and friends made to last a

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28 August 2018 by David Reader

Supporting, Signposting, Motivating: Physical Activity and London’s Workforce

Our focus to get more Londoners active leads us to naturally consider the important components we would need to address if we are to have a meaningful impact. A vital component is the workforce, which helps facilitate and sustain involvement in physical activity and sport. To better understand the workforce in London, we commissioned a

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