Active Citizens Worldwide data is presented at London's House of Sport

24 May 2018 by Chris Scott

Active Citizens Worldwide – Sport in a Global City

Becoming the most active city in the world. It’s a big statement, and a vision that London Sport has championed for the capital since we came into being in 2014. But, objectively, on the day we become the most active city, how will we know? More importantly, how do we get there? And what are

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22 May 2018 by Tim Copley

Physical Activity and Sport is a good wellbeing investment – and we can prove it

Have you ever wondered how much benefit physical activity and sport has? Or how we quantify the impact it has on society? Perhaps you’ve questioned if all efforts made to support people’s wellbeing through being active is truly worth it? If you have, you’ll probably have asked yourself where to possibly start to find this

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16 May 2018 by Josef Baines

Blog: Crossing the London Marathon finish line

One wintry night many moons ago, George Haddad (also London Sport’s marathon runner), our friends and I were enjoying a scrumptious meal. After satisfying our ravenous maws, we had a lengthy discussion over our Blue Moon orange-infused beers about what to do with our lives for year 2018. A light bulb moment came, we nodded

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10 May 2018 by Jennifer Woodrow

Blog: 5 takeaways from Elevate 2018

This was my first experience of the UK’s largest fitness and physical activity exhibition. It was great to see and meet so many like-minded professionals who share our ambition to get more people active. Below are just 5 of the things I took away from the day.…   1) The problem of air pollution can

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8 May 2018 by Alissa Ayling – National Sports Manager (Sense)

Everyone should have the right to participate and experience sport

The more impairments a person has, the more likely they are to do under 30 minutes of activity a week and 45% of inactive deaf or disabled people have three or more impairments. This is a hard hitting statistic, and one that Sense Sport are trying to influence. As the National Sport Manager at Sense

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