22 February 2018 by Gary Palmer

Primary PE and Sport Premium – creating a ripple effect leading to innovative change across London

I have been lucky enough to speak at a number of school conferences over the last couple of months and it has been refreshing to hear the desire for schools to invest time and money in helping to get their young people more physically active, and to see the ripple effect of sharing good practice.

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8 January 2018 by Barry Kelly

Blog: National Obesity Awareness Week 2018

“Choose life, choose Facebook, Twitter, Instagram” mocks Mark Renton in last year’s T2: Trainspotting.   In an updated version of the Choose Life monologue from the original 1996 Trainspotting film. To this statement, Renton could probably have added the iPhone, Netflix, Now TV, Amazon Prime, Hive, and Deliveroo, not to mention the PS4 (As a

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14 December 2017 by Ashley Mainwaring

Ashley Mainwaring – managing my life and placement year at London Sport

Can I commute three hours to and from work in London everyday and travel  another 45 minutes to hockey 3 days a week and not completely burn out trying to fit in some type of social life?! This thought didn’t really occur to me when I started working for London Sport at their House of

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11 December 2017 by Dean Nevill

Listening to less active people | The first step in understanding London’s workforce

A year or so ago, at a meeting with counterparts from different sport organisations working in London, we spent some time reflecting on our experiences of being active. Not the experiences that we get from working in the sector day-to-day, but the personal experiences we’ve all had that have led us to champion sport in

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5 December 2017 by Matt Roebuck

The past and future of football in London

This week marks the anniversary of two important landmarks in English football; one famous, one infamous. Both teach a lesson.   In the past…   December 5, 1921 On this day, the Football Association (FA) issued an effective ban on the women’s game. Arguing the unsuitability and fragility of the female frame for football, the

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