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Discussing Place-Based Approaches at Active LDN

Discussing Place-Based Approaches at Active LDN

With just over a week to go until Active LDN 2023, we sat down with Nicky Affleck, London Sport’s Strategic Lead for Place, to discuss her conference session on 17 October.  

Tell us more about your session at Active LDN 2023. 

The session is called “Building collaboration and sustainability into place-based approaches”. In an increasingly interconnected sector, addressing complex challenges requires innovative and collaborative solutions and approaches. This workshop will invite participants to explore the alignment between place-based approaches, collaboration, and sustainability. Attendees will gain a deeper understanding of how focusing on the needs and opportunities of specific geographic locations can lead to more effective problem-solving, community engagement and the capacity to foster collaboration, ensuring long-term sustainability. 

Why is this topic so important to our sector? 

Place-based work is now central to the working practices within Active Partnerships and many organisations across the sector delivering sport and physical activity. Collaborating with people and places in their local communities in specific geographic locations better supports the sector to identify needs and gaps in provision, as well as co-develop joint interventions to tackle inequalities. People, organisations and funders from across the sector have a pivotal role to play in ensuring investment and resources are used in an impactful, meaningful and sustainable way. 

Who is part of your panel? 

  • Kat Southwell, Head of Programmes, Activity Alliance 
  • Yashmin Harun, Chair, Muslimah Sports Association.  
  • Lola Akindoyin, Head of Programmes Sport England Local Delivery Pilot 
  • James Gregory, Area Director London & South East Street Games 
  • Lee Parker Laureus Sport for Good Senior Programme Manager 

What are you hoping delegates will take away from this session? 

A deeper understanding of how to work more effectively and collaboratively in Place, whilst making best efforts to ensure sustainability of investment, resource and capacity is considered throughout. 

How will your session play into the future of your work at London Sport?  

We are keen to understand from the delegates attending the session what type of follow-up they would find valuable and useful in supporting them in their roles and wider organisation. We feel there is an opportunity for this session to remain as a standing workshop at future Active London conferences, where people from across the sector can come together to continue and learn, as place-based work continues to grow and develop. 

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