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How Satellite Clubs are making a major impact in London

How Satellite Clubs are making a major impact in London

London Sport are once again on the lookout for volunteers, clubs and organisations able to get teenagers across the capital more active through Satellite Clubs.

These Sport England-funded clubs provide children from 14 to 19-years-old with fun and positive experiences in physical activity and sport over a 30-week period.

It is a scheme which has delivered successful outcomes for many years and we caught up with three Satellite Club organisers to see what they thought of the programme.

We’ve spoken to Lea Rowing Club’s Sara Cinamon, Vickie Prow of Middlesex Squash and Dominic Palacio, Head of Community Rugby at Richmond RFC, and here’s what they said.

What difference has having a Satellite Club made for your club?

Sara Cinamon: Introducing a Satellite Club enabled us to open a new session for beginners. We are working closely with a local school to encourage their students to row and this was a perfect opportunity.

The Satellite Club has enabled us to continue our relationship with this school. I am very proud that so many of the Satellite Club participants have wanted to join the club.

We now have so many enquiries about junior rowing that we have found we cannot accommodate all the juniors who would like to try out the sport.

Dominic Palacio: We registered our interest to encourage more inactive teenagers to take up a sport/outside activity. The sessions have gone very well and have been brilliantly attended.

Vickie Prow: We wanted to attract new players to play squash, try a new sport and to provide a straight forward pathway into the sport and clubs.

What would you say to encourage others to register their interest this time around?

VP: Just do it. The forms and admin may seem overwhelming at first but there’s lots of help available from London Sport and it’s very rewarding seeing so many young people playing squash.

DP: It’s a straight forward process but taking the online training beforehand gives you a real insight as to the different types of teenagers which will help with the application process as well as delivering the sessions.

SC: It’s a brilliant way to introduce young people to a new sport, for both individuals who want to have a go or for schools who want to encourage their students to take up a different sport.

Whatever the sport, because of the opportunity to participate in up to 30 sessions, the Satellite Club gives so many children an introduction to taking regular exercise setting them up for a healthy life.

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