Satellite Clubs

About Satellite Clubs

Satellite Clubs are a Sport England funded-project focused on local physical activity and sport clubs designed around the needs of young people.

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Meet the Personalities

How do they work?

Clubs are focused on supporting an increase in the number of 14-19-year olds participating regularly in physical activity and sport and are designed to reflect the likes and needs of teenagers and young adults in the local community.

Supported by or linked to a local sports club or physical activity opportunity (The Hub), satellite clubs are designed so that they respond to the specific demands for physical activity and sport from young people.

Satellite clubs should be designed to meet the needs of young people and provide a positive fun experience, giving young people the confidence to take part.

Satellite Clubs’ core principles

  • Delivery must be focused on young people aged 14-19
  • Aimed at helping young people become active or build regular activity habits and/or targeting under-represented groups in physical activity and sport.
  • Activity provided through satellite clubs should be aligned to achieving the Chief Medical Officers recommendation of delivering moderate to vigorous intensity activity.
  • Organisations must deliver weekly for at least one hour/week for 30 weeks, and be committed to deliver the club beyond that
  • Designed to get young people active and create regular activity habits
  • Be young-person led including involving them in decisions and design
  • Be linked to or developed into regular physical activity and/or sport
  • Appropriate safeguarding standards must be in place

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Sustainability Guide

It is vital to consider the long-term financial sustainability of your Satellite Club from the outset.

This resource provides details and information on how you can achieve sustainability and continue the delivery of your Satellite Club without the need for further funding.

Download the Sustainability Guide here

Marketing Resources

To make it easy for organisations to market their Satellite Club we have created resources that are simple to adapt and adopt.

These can be emailed out digitally, promoted through social media, or printed to use as physical flyers and posters.

These resources are based on Sport England’s Youth Personalities research.

Marketing Resources

Meet the Personalities

Youth Personalities can help you understand the young people you’re trying to reach.

What the defining traits of each personality are. What their relationship with sport is. How they spend their time.

The size of the groups can help with decisions on resource allocation, and the ‘fresh approach’ provides practical guidance to help you engage with the different personalities in the way that’s right for them.