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Katie’s London Marathon training update

Katie’s London Marathon training update

London Sport has been running a series of blog posts on our five chosen runners for this year’s London Marathon.

Katie spoke to us back in January and we caught up with her again with the big event just a few short weeks away.

How has training progressed since we last caught up in January?

Quite a lot – I’ve just finished “Mad-mile March”. The long runs have really ramped up and it feels like whole days are spent running and recovering.

I’ve also taken on a half marathon in Weymouth which went better than I’d expected. I was on track for a PB at the halfway mark but was hit by some cheeky hills at mile ten…

That being said, I still did a better time than I’d planned for and actually felt great at the end. It was the first half marathon I enjoyed the whole way through and had enough in the bank for a strong finish.

What’s been the best thing about training?

It’s really made me fall in love with running again.

I’ve learned a lot about my body and how food and nutrition really make a difference to my performance. Finishing the Weymouth Half and not feeling sick and being able to eat afterwards made me feel on top of the world.

I’ve also enjoyed the social side of running – it’s a great talking point with people. Everyone, whether that’s work colleagues or people you meet by the canal on a long run, has only good things to say about it and loves to offer you tips.

What’s got you through the long runs?

Jelly babies, water and company. I’ve been lucky having my boyfriend Tom alongside me on this journey as I’ve certainly needed him for them long runs.

Even though we are very different speeds he agreed to run our long 17 mile and above runs alongside me. Having a running buddy certainly helps the early miles fly by and having that person beside you for the tough last few miles certainly has made them more bearable.

What’s the best/worst piece of advice you’ve been given so far?

I think the best piece of advice has to be to just enjoy it.

No matter what happens on the day, you’ll get a PB, so just be sure to enjoy the day, enjoy your moment. Oh, and to be ready for the tears…

How have you found fundraising alongside training?

I’ve really enjoyed working with London Sport colleagues Rachel and Andrew and it’s been really nice seeing people in the office and friends from outside work coming together to support us.

But also it’s given Tom and I an exciting little project organising a large quiz night in our local town and holding a few car boot sales together to get in some extra funds.

It’s been a fun challenge and I’m so humbled by all the support everybody has shown and to help such a worthy cause is fantastic.

Our Virgin Money London Marathon 2019 runners will be raising funds to help inactive or less active Londoners in a range of underrepresented communities – specifically to support deaf and disabled Londoners to become more active.

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