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Meet our London Marathon 2019 Runners

Meet our London Marathon 2019 Runners

We have five runners taking part in the Virgin Money London Marathon 2019, raising funds to support deaf and disabled Londoners to become more active. Find out more about them below.

Rachel Rowe

“In recent years I have found a real passion in long distance running. It is the positive ‘running endorphins’, goal setting, the sense of achievement, and most importantly the noticeable difference running makes to my physical and mental health.

I have run two half marathons and over the past six months I have found myself looking for a new challenge. To be able to run and raise money to help fight inactivity among deaf and disabled Londoners will be a truly humbling experience.”

Donate to Rachel’s page here.

Tom Jobson 

“ThMan runningrough personally understanding the power sport has and the benefits it can bring individuals and communities, I want to be able to help deaf and disabled people in London to be able to access sport through raising this money from running the marathon.

I got involved in running after a personal loss and used it to escape from the stresses of daily life. Running allowed me to discover new things about myself and push me further and become the best version I can. A marathon is the next level for me and although it is going to be tough, I’m excited to have that goal of the finish line, in my home city.”

Donate to Tom’s page here.

Katie Light

“When I was approaching my A Levels at school I had a lot of personal things happening at home where at the time, football was my only escape from that. I dropped all other sport but continued this as I really felt the benefit from getting outside on them cold winter mornings and kicking a ball around in the mud.

Woman running through fire

At the time I didn’t understand it was football providing me with this release, however as I got older and went to university and started suffering from anxiety, I realised it was being active that helped me. I started running more when I left school as it provided me with a pasttime that makes me feel good once I’ve finished. I’ve never had a reason to train properly and take a training schedule seriously but now I feel I am ready.” 

Donate to Katie’s page here.

Andrew Lawton

“I grew up as a very active person, playing most sports at school but have become increasingly inactive throughout by 20s – my weight suffered as a result, particularly whilst a student at university. 

London Sport staff members (L-R) Mieke, Rachel & Andrew

I still play cricket, but my fitness is nowhere near the levels it once was. This is something I am desperate to change.

Completing a marathon has always been on my bucket list but one I have struggled to make serious strides towards. I do have asthma that does affect me on occasions however I’m determined this will not be a barrier to activity – if Paula Radcliffe can achieve what she did with asthma, I can’t let it stop me.”

Donate to Andrew’s page here.

Patrick Vierveijzer 

“Only around the age of 40, I accidentally started running as part of an in-company programme to activate people towards a more healthy lifestyle. And it changed my life. Now thousands of kms and 13 marathons later my weight dropped, my energy doubled and tension and stress don’t stand a chance after a good run, whatever the weather is like. 

The London Marathon will make my 5th out of the 6th World Marathon Majors. I praise myself to be healthy, but it hasn’t always been like this. And it’s this feeling that I am passionate about passing on. I do realise that not everybody is as fortunate and privileged as I am and I am excited for this opportunity to run for London Sport and support the good work you do!” 

Donate to Patrick’s page here.

Our Virgin Money London Marathon 2019 runners will be raising funds to help inactive or less active Londoners in a range of underrepresented communities by developing Disability Champions within local communities to support deaf and disabled Londoners to become more active. We wish all of our runners the best of luck with the start of their training.

To find out more about our work with deaf and disabled Londoners, read our plans set out in An Active Inclusive Capital about what we, along with our stakeholders are doing to help the 1,400,000 million deaf and disabled people living in London to lead physically active lives.

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