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Labour unveils new Child Health Action Plan

Labour unveils new Child Health Action Plan

11 January 2024, Labour has unveiled its plans for a Child Health Action Plan, which includes a series of commitments that, if elected at the next General Election, it would implement to create the ‘healthiest generation of children ever’.

Feeding in to Labour’s five missions for Britain, Labour’s new Child Health Action Plan includes commitments to:

1. Cut waiting lists for children.
2. End the crisis in child mental health.
3. Transform NHS dentistry.
4. Crackdown on smoking and vaping.
5. Ban junk food advertising to children.
6. Introduce breakfast clubs for all primary school children.
7. Protect children from the growth of infectious diseases.

Labour has pledged to take a prevention-first approach to health, shifting the focus of Government departments, the NHS and public services. This includes a new national framework, as well as a mission delivery board that prioritises child health and includes a focus on inequalities, well-being, and physical and mental health.

Labour has also pledged to shift towards a community-based approach with greater digital capabilities improve healthcare.


Gary Palmer, Strategic Lead for Children & Young People at London Sport said:

“We welcome Labour’s commitment to improve child health outcomes, using a prevention-first approach that looks to address significant health inequalities that Londoners and others around the UK continue to face.

Recent Sport England data shows that the child inactivity crisis continues with less than half of young Londoners (46%) meeting the recommended levels of physical activity for the second year in a row. It also showed that significant inequalities remained in activity levels, particularly for Black (40%) and Asian (40%) children and young people, and those from the least affluent families (44%) who were less likely to play sport or be physically active compared to the national average. Girls (44%) are also less likely to be active than boys (51%).

Support for grassroots sport and physical activity will be a crucial step in creating an active nation, which in turn will help address these inequalities, save the NHS money, reduce waiting times, and improve the wellbeing of young people across the country. Without this support, there is a strong risk of activity levels continuing to decrease, facilities closing down, and wider long-term impacts on children, young people and communities. London Sport looks forward to sharing our expertise to support children and young people to build a healthy active habit for life”.




About London Sport 

London Sport is a charity that exists to help ensure more Londoners live happier, healthier lives through access to sport and physical activity.  

Supported by Sport England and the Mayor of London, London Sport collaborates with those that share our vision, running and supporting projects that help children, young people and the least active adults to embed sport and physical activity into their lives. 

For more information on London Sport, visit www.londonsport.org 

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