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London Sport x PAI Health

London Sport has joined forces with PAI Health to launch a new project to test the impact of the PAI fitness tracking app on the activity levels of Londoners

Together with global software company PAI Health, London Sport are testing the impact of the PAI (Personal Activity Intelligence) fitness tracking app on physical activity levels of Londoners.

The #mostactivecity programme offers Londoners free access to PAI Health’s fitness and health tracking app so we can better understand the impact of bespoke digital fitness assessments on activity levels.

The findings will be assessed alongside existing London Sport research into less active Londoners to determine whether targeted tech interventions can provide less active adults with a greater sense of ownership and control of their physical activity levels, health and wellbeing.

The research phase will run for an initial three-month period from September 2020 and forms part of wider efforts to boost connections within London’s burgeoning SportTech ecosystem through London Sport’s technology innovation programme, Sport Tech Hub.

Initial findings are expected to provide a better understanding to the capital’s physical activity and sport sector on the benefits of integrating measurement and tracking technology into programmes aimed at raising population-level physical activity rates.

Who are PAI Health?

PAI Health allows organisations to assess, monitor and guide their people to better health addressing the problem of inactivity to reduce risk and costs.

Their mission is to optimise the path to better health by making the science-backed Personal Activity Intelligence (PAI) metric the new global health standard for physical activity.

What is Personal Activity Intelligence (PAI)?

PAI is a new health standard for physical activity, addressing the global health problem of inactivity with its personalised and inclusive approach, being suited to all fitness levels and recognising all forms of physical activity.

The PAI Score measures the heart health impact of physical activity and guides people on what they need to do to maintain good health.

All an individual needs to track their score is the PAI Health app and a compatible smartwatch or fitness band that measures heart rate. 

How is a PAI score calculated and what’s a good PAI score?

The PAI Health app uses the heart rate data from your wearable device, and your biometrics, to calculate your PAI Score. This includes your resting and maximum heart rate, your age, sex, height, and weight.

Published studies have shown that maintaining a score of 100 PAI or more has been associated with an average 25% risk reduction in cardiovascular disease mortality, adding an average of five years lifespan.

PAI Health app users also receive a Fitness Age assessment — a reflection of their cardiorespiratory fitness (CRF) level. CRF is a leading indicator of health and longevity, which app users can improve by maintaining a good PAI Score.

How can I get involved?

Members of the public will be invited to sign up to the project here from Friday 28 August and partners are encouraged to share this opportunities with their networks using our communications toolkit.

For more information on our work with PAI Health, contact Tim.