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Raising funds with easyfundraising – Team DJB Taekwondo

Raising funds with easyfundraising – Team DJB Taekwondo

We caught up with London-based taekwondo club, Team DJB, who have been using the easyfundraising platform to help raise additional funds to support their club. Find out how below:

Where did you hear about easyfundraising?

As part of ClubWorks we receive the ClubWorks newsletter and came across the fundraising section featuring Easyfundraising.

What makes using easyfundraising unique, and why is it suitable to a club like yours?

easyfundraising is unique in the sense that as a consumer already making purchases online I don’t have to pay any extra. easyfundraising has a portfolio of online retailers who have set the donation rates so whenever you shop, switch your utility bills, or even car insurance, a percentage is calculated and goes towards your chosen “cause”. It can range from sports club, PTA and community groups who have limited access to funding streams. This is perfect for us (Team DJB) as we work with institution and youth organisations in delivering sessions on their chosen site. The donations we generate from easyfundraising goes towards building our own resources, subsidising training and developing our volunteers.

What has using easyfundraising allowed your club to do?

We are slowly building our resources as our coaches want a more rounded knowledge in order to enable them to offer more services such as nutrition, strengthening and conditioning. We are also looking into developing a mentoring programme with a youth organisation that we have been working with for a year, as we have reached at a stage where there are more long term participants expressing an interest in coaching, leading and mentors to younger participants.

What would you say to someone who was thinking about using easyfundraising?

It’s great as a complementary top-up to your main fundraising unless you have serial online shoppers registered as your supporters! The easyfundraising team are very helpful and their website has useful tools such as banners to put on your website, social media such as Facebook and Twitter, templates to send out to your supporters and potential supporters. Make sure to read through so you can decide if it’s right for you.

Click here to find out more and sign up for easyfundraising

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