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Sport Tech Hub Start-ups Collaborate to launch integrated coaching service

Sport Tech Hub Start-ups Collaborate to launch integrated coaching service

In October 2017 London’s first ever Sport Tech incubator was launched – The Sport Tech Hub. Since then, a cohort of 18 start-ups have reaped the benefits of a collaborative working environment where ideas and innovation are developed to help more people become active.

Two of these start-ups, TrainAsONE and Racefully are now collaborating and are today launching TAOR AI™, believed to be the most effective coaching service on any activity tracker, combining adaptive AI-driven (Artificial Intelligence) training that dynamically adjusts to support each individual’s performance with proven peer support and group-based motivation mechanics.

What is TrainAsOne and Racefully?

Racefully is a fitness platform that uses tested social media and gamification mechanics to strengthen peer support and social motivation by enabling individuals and teams to walk, run and cycle together virtually, using the Racefully app, wherever they are in the world.

TrainAsONE provides a personalised AI coaching service to solve the problem of keeping runners of all abilities fit, healthy and injury free while training to reach their goals. This is achieved by providing each runner with their own training plan that constantly adapts to the user’s individual lifestyle, changing needs, and every run they perform (or miss).

How this will help athletes and who it is for?

TAOR AI™ will offer people of all levels – from those just beginning running to elite athletes – access to an adaptive, learning AI coach that provides live, in-run coaching and dynamically adjusts each individual’s programme based on their actual performance and progress. Most other platforms offer only ‘static’ training plans that fail to take into account the user’s actual performance. This can not only be unhelpful, but in fact counter-productive, resulting in people not training effectively, and enhancing the risks of over-training and injury. The Racefully TrainAsOne solution solves these problems.

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