15 December 2017 by Patrick Atkin

Christmas ‘Jumper’ Day 2017

It’s Christmas Jumper Day! The day of the year where, in case you weren’t already, you’re encouraged to get into the festive spirit and wear your finest Christmas Jumpers. This year though, we’re doing it a bit differently, because instead of showing off our best festive sweats – they’re great by the way – we’re

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13 December 2017 by Andrei Angelescu

Ice skating this winter at some of the capital’s best ice rinks

After the weather this past week, it’s safe to say that winter, and the festive season, is well and truly upon us. Luckily for you though, London is still a great place to spend time outdoors with your family and friends and remain physically active! One of the activities that Londoners can take advantage of

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11 December 2017 by Dean Nevill

Listening to less active people | The first step in understanding London’s workforce

A year or so ago, at a meeting with counterparts from different sport organisations working in London, we spent some time reflecting on our experiences of being active. Not the experiences that we get from working in the sector day-to-day, but the personal experiences we’ve all had that have led us to champion sport in

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11 December 2017 by Amy Hewick

Meet our Marathon Runners! – George

Get to know George, our fourth marathon runner. He will be joining six other runners to raise money to help create more disabled leaders in sport.

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7 December 2017 by Patrick Atkin

Bringing grassroots glam to the London Sport Awards with new theme!

As you are (hopefully) aware by now, the third London Sport Awards will take place on March 8 2018 at Wembley Stadium. If you didn’t know that, 1. Where have you been?! and 2. Definitely check out our new categories! Anyway, once again the best of grassroots physical activity and sport will gather in celebration of all the

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