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Read Jess’s story – the first of our One Million Stories to Tell

“I’ve recently started working in the City and it can be tough to fit exercise around my working schedule. So I like combining physical activity and catching up with my friends at the same time; a few of us all took up bouldering (rock climbing without ropes) around two years ago. Sometimes we’ll meet after work and go for a climb, which is a fun and active way to forget about work, as you’re solely focused on the best way to execute the route and trying not to fall! 

“London is a unique place because there is so many diverse and quirky workouts or activities to try. One of my favourite classes I’ve ever done is a spinning class in a makeshift underground nightclub with disco lights and house music blaring. You also feel a lot more confident when you’re working out in the dark! 

Climber sat on floor

“My main struggle when it comes to physical activity is when the seasons start to change. As it gets darker and colder the struggle is harder to get up to go to the gym or for a run. But I keep motivated by making small changes everyday to make up for inactivity, like walking up the escalators or taking the stairs. Sometimes I just force myself because I love the joyous feeling you get after completing a workout

“Physical activity is important because for me it’s synonymous with health. I live a very balanced lifestyle and enjoy myself when I partake in exercise, it never feels like a chore and it’s important to not push yourself too hard as that can lead to injury. Physical activity has always had a presence in my life, whether it be playing sport or exercise to keep fit. Now though I think I’m on a positive health journey to just keep improving aspects of my fitness like my strength.” 

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This is the first in a series of stories aiming to demonstrate the breadth and diversity of physical activity and sport in London. Share your story with us and feature as One Million Stories to Tell – email: [email protected]

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